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Women return to Afghanistan’s TV channel

Women return to Afghanistan's TV channel, Taliban interviewed

Ground Report | New Delhi: Women return to Afghanistan’s TV; Women anchors have once again started appearing on Tolo News, a big TV channel of Afghanistan. After the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday, women had stopped appearing on all TV channels there.

Photos of Afghanistan’s state-run TV channel were also being shared, in which a male presenter was sitting in front of a Taliban flag. But on Tuesday, Miraqa Popal, head of Tolo News, shared a tweet in which a woman presenter is taking a live interview of a member of the Taliban’s media team in the studio.

After this, he has shared another picture in which a woman wearing a hijab is holding an early morning meeting in the newsroom. Saad Mohseni, director of Mobigroup, the owner of Tolo News, also tweeted the pictures. He has also tweeted a picture of a female reporter reporting from the streets of Afghanistan.

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Women return to Afghanistan’s TV

He has also written- “Tolo News and Taliban making history once again. Senior Taliban representative Abdul Haq Hammad, speaking to our presenter Bahishta this morning. Two decades ago when he first came to power, he said It was impossible to even think of that.”

After the Taliban’s dominance in Afghanistan, the most concern is the condition of women because the Taliban believe in radical Islam and have been advocating restrictions on women.

After coming to power in Afghanistan 20 years ago, he imposed many restrictions on women. This time too, those pictures coming from Kabul added to the concern in which posters and pictures of women were being removed from outside the shops.

US female reporter wears hijab

Earlier CNN’s chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward has begun wearing the hijab on-air, where she discusses what it’s like to be a female reporter in the nation.

Speaking on CNN on Monday, Ward described life inside Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. He described the Taliban fighters as “smiling and victorious” who have flooded the capital.

“It’s a scene I honestly thought I’d never been able to see,” she said. “Hundreds of Taliban fighters and, right behind us, the US Embassy compound.”

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“Obviously, I have dressed very differently to how I normally dress to walk the streets of Kabul,” she said. She said that she saw fewer women outside, and the people she saw were wearing more conservative clothing.

Ward said at one point, “They’ve asked me to stand in favor of just being a woman.” Clarissa Ward’s ‘wardrobe’ transformation is widely regarded as the inevitable ‘repression’ of Afghan women in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. People posted collages of Clarissa Ward’s ‘before and after Taliban uprising’ photos on Twitter and wished her safety.

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