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What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control?

What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control ; “There is uncertainty everywhere in Kabul. There are sounds of gunfire everywhere and no one knows what the purpose of this firing is. Before the war, everyone was heading to Kabul to save their lives. “Now that the Taliban have taken control of Kabul, there is chaos and no one knows where to go.”

These are the words of Khadija Amin, a young female journalist based in Kabul who herself is in a precarious situation due to the situation in Afghanistan. Khadija Amin, a journalist with Afghanistan’s state-run RTA, said she was in the office as usual when the Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday.


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What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control

She said he was told in the afternoon to pack up and go home. Khadija added that she is worried about her future and fears losing her job. Khadija Amin said that as a woman, she is worried about the future of herself and her family. She further said, progressive thinking had flourished in Afghanistan over the past two decades and women were now working alongside men in various fields.

However, Khadija is now worried that the Taliban may not allow women to work outside the home or get an education. Although the Taliban have said they are not opposed to women’s education and will protect women’s rights. However, some quarters are still skeptical of the Taliban’s assurances.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has also acknowledged that the strength of the Afghan army, which the United States has trained and equipped with modern weapons over the past two decades, has not been accurately measured.

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‘Taliban will face many challenges’

Rustam Shah Mohmand added that the Taliban had yet to form their own government. They have to improve their governance system. They have to work with the world and formulate their policy according to global needs.

Citing the example of Afghan fighter Sardar Ismail Khan, Rustam Shah Mohmand said he had been fighting the Taliban in Herat. However, when he surrendered, the Taliban did not say anything to him and he is still living in Herat.

The Afghan affairs expert added that the Taliban say they are in touch with all political factions in Afghanistan and believe in a government that is representative of all sections.

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