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Story of domestic violence victim Aisha

Domestic violence victim; A video which went viral on social media shows a man brutally beating his wife on their young son's birthday. Aisha

By Ground report
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Story of domestic violence victim Aisha

A video which went viral on social media shows a man brutally beating his wife on their young son's birthday. The video was shared on Instagram by Suhail Rasool and shows her husband jumping up and slapping the woman hard across the face.

The female victim was identified as Aisha and the abusive man in the video was Mohammad Mushtaq GK, saying "he worked for an IT company in Bangalore."

In the video shared on Instagram by Suhail Rasool on Sunday, a woman is seen lighting musical candles on her young son's birthday. As she sings her happy birthday song, a man, apparently her husband, jumps up and slaps the woman hard across her face. Surprised, the woman asks what had happened. The culprit, according to the social media post, works at an IT company in Bangalore.

In the same video, the boy who sees his father bullying also begins to beat up his mother. The man then walks over, breaks her shoe on the cake, and hits the woman again, punching and slapping her hard across the face and stomach.

Mushtaq is a software professional from Bangalore. He had married Ayesha Banu of Davanagere on March 30, 2009. The couple had a son born on August 1, 2013.

Later, due to various differences, they decided to separate and filed for divorce. “Who of the two parents should have custody of the child is a very complicated thing and is above religion. He has another son from the second wife.

Fact check

In our investigation we found, the video is from 2015 the video resurfaced in 2021 December again, they are already separated and the man has since remarried and already has a daughter with his second wife.

In December last year, the Karnataka High Court handed down a major ruling regarding a Muslim family on Tuesday 22nd December. "A Muslim wife can retain sole custody of her minor child when she can stay away from her marital home on the grounds of her husband's second marriage."

The accused person, G K Mohammad Mushtaq had appealed to the High Court to give her full custody of his 8-year-old son. But the High Court not only dismissed his statement but also ordered her to pay compensation of Rs 50,000 to his first wife, the other party in the case.

The court has strictly told you to pay this payment within one month or it will lead to the suspension of all visitation rights previously granted to you by the family court. The couple has about 8 cases against each other that need to be resolved in the next 9 months and a report of them should be submitted to the General Register of the High Court, the HC said.

This son of the first wife is eight years old. It is legitimate for children of this age to be with his mother. We cannot take away that right,” the court said.


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