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#JusticeForMandeep: Story of a Sikh woman killed in domestic violence

justice for mandeep kaur

A 30-year-old Sikh woman committed suicide in New York after being harassed by her husband. Many videos of Mandeep Kaur are viral on social media in which she has told about the violence being inflicted on her by her husband. The case of Mandeep Kaur has shaken the nation. People on Twitter are demanding #JusticeForMandeep . Let’s understand the whole matter.

Who was Mandeep Kaur?

Mandeep Kaur was a resident of Baria village in Uttar Pradesh. 8 years ago she was married to Ranjodhbir Singh Sandhu of her own village. Sandhu was deported from New Zealand before going to the US. He had a transport business in the US. Sandhu and Mandeep have two daughters aged 4 and 6. Sandhu had no shame to beat his wife Mandeep in front of his daughters. Daughters used to cry seeing their mother’s harassment. Sandhu wanted a son and not a daughter, this was the sole reason he was harassing Mandeep.

Mandeep Kaur was beaten up by her husband for 8 years. Mandeep also complained to her family many times but no help was received. In the end, getting fed up, Mandeep decided to commit suicide.

Before committing suicide, Mandeep Kaur made a video of herself in which she says that-

“Now I can no longer bear the torture of my husband Ranjodhbir Singh Sandhu. I have decided to end my life today. My husband has been beating me since last 8 years. But now I have lost my patience. For eight years, I have been undergoing daily beatings and accepting his bad behaviour in a hope that he will mend his ways one day. I am leaving behind my two daughters. I know it’s not okay but now I have no other way.”

Mandeep also said that her husband Sandhu has extramarital affairs. Seeing the torture happening to me, my father also sent Sandhu to jail but later he was released from jail. Mandeep said that her husband had once caged her for 5 days and beat her up.

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In the case of domestic violence, Mandeep has also made serious allegations against her mother-in-law.

Many CCTV footages of Sandhu’s house are going viral on social media in which he is seen beating his wife badly. In these videos, both the daughters can also be seen crying. In a video, Sandhu beats up his wife saying that he wanted a son and not a daughter.

Mandeep’s father Jaspal Singh is a farmer. He has sought the custody of his grandchildren.

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#JusticeForMandeep Campaign

justice for mandeep kaur

Let us tell you that a campaign is being run on social media named #JusticeforMandeep, in which justice is being demanded. People say that domestic violence should end. In this case, instead of suicide, a case of homicide should be registered.

One user wrote that many women are victims of domestic violence today. The parents of these women are also responsible for this, they should immediately call back the daughters who are victims of violence because a divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter.

Sikh organizations are very active in this matter. Initially, the police had not registered any case against Mandeep’s husband. After the intervention of the Sikh community, a case of homicide was registered in this matter.

The Sikh Gurdwara of Richmond Hill has sought the custody of both the daughters.

Sandhu first wanted to perform the last rites of his wife but the people of the Sikh community did not allow him to do so and made arrangements to send Mandeep’s body to India.

Let us tell you that according to the Sikh Woman Aid organization, 70 percent of Sikh women are victims of domestic violence in some form or other. Cases of suicide are also increasing due to domestic violence.

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