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Home » Shraddha Murder Case: What police ask Aftab in polygraph test?

Shraddha Murder Case: What police ask Aftab in polygraph test?

Shraddha Murder Case: What police ask Aftab in polygraph test?

Taking a step forward in the investigation of the Shraddha murder case, the Delhi Police conducted a polygraph test on the main accused, Aftab Poonawalla, last Thursday.

Shraddha Murder Case

During this Aftab he was asked questions related to this murder case and his family and childhood.

According to the Indian Express, the Delhi police took Aftab to Rohini in the afternoon for the first session of the polygraph test.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police have recovered many sharp objects from Aftab’s flat, which have been sent to the forensic lab for examination.

A police officer told the newspaper: ‘We’re looking for traces of blood on these things. Poonawalla had said that he used two or three small saws to cut Shraddha’s body into 30-35 pieces. We haven’t been able to find that weapon so far. We are investigating his claims.”

At the same time, while stating the purpose of the polygraph test, an officer associated with the forensic team told The Indian Express that ‘his purpose of his is to find the weapon used in the murder.’ Along with this, his goal is also to find Shraddha’s phone and body parts from him.

“During this, we asked questions related to his relationship. Aftab was asked about his childhood, family, relationships, whether he had killed Shraddha Walkar, if so why, and where he hid the evidence. He answered the questions very well. .”

Searching for evidence in forests

The forensic team officer has also said that his team will now study and analyze the content of these responses, after which they will be shared with the police.

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Investigating the matter, the Delhi Police team is searching for evidence in forests, lakes and river drains from Delhi to Maharashtra.

A Delhi police officer said that “if Aftab had come to Mumbai after the murder, he might have dumped Shraddha’s belongings and other evidence in Vasai or Thane.”

Searching for evidence in Mumbai, a source said ‘Aftab claimed he dumped Shraddha’s Delhi SIM card and phone in the sea near Bhayandar. We have come to know that he had come to Mumbai to relocate his parents from Vasai to Mira Road. He looks like he threw the phone into the sea when his train was passing through the bay.”

However, until now, the Delhi Police have not reported on obtaining any significant evidence in this matter.

The Delhi Police found some bones from the forests and drains of South Delhi, which are being investigated by the forensic team.

But so far no such thing has arisen on the basis of which something can be said on this matter in a concrete way.


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