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Russia's attack on Ukraine, the reaction of world leaders

Russia's attack on Ukraine; World leaders say Russia will have to pay a heavy price for an attack on Ukraine. He called on

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Russia's attack on Ukraine; World leaders say Russia will have to pay a heavy price for an attack on Ukraine. He called on Moscow to end the fighting immediately.

Russia claims to have destroyed several Ukrainian airports, while Ukraine claims to have shot down five Russian planes. Several people have been reported killed and injured in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia has fired missiles at Ukraine's infrastructure and border guards. Martial law has been imposed across the country since Russia launched a "complete war" against Ukraine, and citizens have been ordered to stay in their homes as much as possible.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba has said Russia has launched a "full-scale military operation" against Ukraine. He called on the international community to provide arms and to impose "catastrophic sanctions" on Russia.

World leaders, meanwhile, have strongly condemned the Russian attack and called for an immediate end to military action.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz condemned Russia's attack, calling it "a clear violation of international law and completely unjustified." He said it was a terrible day for Ukraine and a dark day for Europe, and that Russia should immediately suspend military action.

Michael Roth, head of the foreign policy committee in the German parliament, said the government was considering providing more security equipment to Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Putin had "taken the path of bloodshed" in Ukraine. He said Britain and its allies would respond decisively to Russia's "unprovoked" attack. Johnson said he had discussed the next steps with the Ukrainian president.

European Commission President Arzula van der Leyen condemned the Russian attack and said Moscow would be held "responsible" for the "unwarranted attack". "In this hour of need, we stand with Ukraine and its innocent women, men and children, whose lives have been threatened by this unprovoked attack," he tweeted.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has condemned Russia's "unprovoked and unprovoked attack" and said NATO allies would hold consultations to discuss the implications of Moscow's offensive.

European Council President Charles Michel said "there is no place in the 21st century to change borders by force or by intimidation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate ceasefire with Russia, saying "this is the most frustrating moment of his life as UN Secretary-General."

The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison and the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban also condemned the Russian military action. "We must do everything possible to stop the war," Orban said, urging China to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis.

 Earlier, US President Joe Biden condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, calling it "unjustified and unprovoked." Russian President Vladimir Putin said the attack was necessary to protect civilians in eastern Ukraine and that Russia "cannot tolerate the threats posed by Ukraine."

Putin said Russia did not want to occupy Ukraine and warned other countries that if they tried to intervene, it would have "serious consequences" that they had never seen before.

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