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Resolution of Kashmir issue imperative for peace, development: Mehbooba

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Bats for dialogue with internal stakeholders, Pakistan

Former Chief Minister and President Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti Sunday said that resolution of Kashmir issue was imperative for steering Jammu and Kashmir out of present turmoil and ensure lasting peace and development.

“Peace has to be restored on border, the daily rush to Kashmir graveyards has to end, the bloodshed of our youngsters has to stop and for all this resolution of Kashmir issue was essential”, Mehbooba said while addressing party workers, on the second day of her three day visit to border districts of Rajouri-Poonch.

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She said that Kashmir issue was neither religious nor law and order problem as projected by the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party but it is completely political with its origin in a series of betrayals with people of Jammu and Kashmir.

She said that “The resolution of this issue has to go through the roadmap proposed and implemented by Peoples Democratic Party during its short stints in power.

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“There is no alternate to the Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s vision of peace with dignity and the agenda of PDP is more relevant today than ever”, she said while advocating for the dialogue with neighbouring country and internal stakeholders especially youth

Terming August 5, 2019 as the darkest day in Indian history, the former Chief Minister said that union government will have to restore the special status of Jammu and Kashmir with all its safeguards.

“The struggle is tough and full of challenges and I am ready to face any consequences for my resolve”, she said while asserting the party leaders to strengthen the party at gross root level in order to enable the organization to fight the long and tough battle.

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“We have pledged to take back what was snatched illegally, undemocratically and unconstitutionally from us. This is not an easy task and we are already facing testing times but no power on earth can deny us our right if we have steadfastness and determination in our resolve”, she said.

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Mehbooba said that contrary to the claims of union ministers in their elections rallies across the country, the situation is grim in Jammu and Kashmir and people are facing suffocated and pushed to walls.

“The democratic space has been squeezed and silence is being enforced through coercive measures. The younger generation is today more alienated and dejected than it was ever and its consequences are grave”, she said.

Expressing gratitude to the party workers across Jammu and Kashmir who have stood firm with her despite coercive measures by the administration she said,

“The union government made every attempt to weaken PDP for the sole reason to end resistance to its iron fist policy in the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir. Our leaders continue to languish behind bars, the workers are being harassed and even administration was being used to put pressure on PDP supporters to leave the organization or face consequences”, she said adding that the support of her party workers has strengthen her resolve to fight for the aspirations of people.

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