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On Oxford University racism row, Jaishankar says ‘will raise it when required’

In the Rajya Sabha, BJP MP from Odisha Ashwini Vaishnav raised the issue about racism. Under this, he mentioned a sentence with an Indian student in Britain.

Taking up the case of student Rashmi Samanta of Karnataka at Oxford University, she said that injustice has been done to her.

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Vaishnav said, “she had to resign from Oxford Student Union. She was also attacked with regard to Hindu religion and no action was taken against those who did so. If such an incident happens in Oxford, then what message will it go to the whole world?”

Vaishnav said that this is not the first case. She said, “Megan Merkel’s interview can also explain the extent to which racism is there.” Discrimination with the Asian community.

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This is very common. The era of colonialism is over, but that mentality still remains. Vaishnav said that a large number of people of India are abroad, so this is a matter of serious concern. I urge the Foreign Minister to take this issue seriously.”

On this, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said in response, “I understand the spirit of the House and it will be taken seriously.” This is the land of Mahatma Gandhi and we cannot steal our eyes from racism”. 

He said “We have a deep connection with Britain and a large number of people of India also live there. We will raise this issue. We are closely watching the whole matter. We will raise our voice against such racism and intolerance when needed. We have always been ahead in the fight against racism.”

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Significantly, farmers are protesting on the borders of Delhi. This was discussed recently in the British Parliament. Theresa Villiers of the Conservative Party clearly stated that agriculture is an internal matter of India and cannot be discussed in any foreign parliament. 

However, 36 British MPs under the leadership of Labor Party MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi wrote a letter in support of the peasant movement to pressurize India. In such a situation, India has now said not to remain silent in the Oxford case.

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