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Netflix’s film ‘Court’ actor Vira Sathidar dies; Who was Vira sathidar?

National award movie ‘Court’ actor, Marathi actor Vira Sathidar (62) has passed away due to corona related problems, he died at the Nagpur AIIMS Hospital on Tuesday morning.

He was recently infected with the corona virus and has been undergoing treatment on a ventilator at a hospital in Nagpur for the past two days. 

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Vira Sathidar’s death has been confirmed by Chaitanya Tamhane, director of the film ‘Court’. Chaitanya Tamhane, during a conversation with news agency PTI, said, ‘This is true. He died at around 3 in the morning. He came to covid 19 positive and was on ventilator. This is very sad news. I still can’t believe it.

His performance in the national award winning film ‘Court’ was highly acclaimed. The court was told the story of the trial prisoners.

In the film, he played the role of Narayanan Kamble, an elderly revolutionary poet.

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Sathidar, the founding editor of the Dalit magazine Vidrohi, was also a cultural activist who defended radical Ambedkarite political values

Vira Sathidar was released after serving four years as a trial prisoner on charges of theft of electricity and sale of a banned book. Through the film, he continued to quarrel with the systems in which he was engaged.

Author and CPIML Politburo member tweeted about the death of the actor and shared her condolences. Taking to her Twitter handle she wrote, “Shocked to learn that we lost Vira Sathidar, revolutionary street theatre activist, singer, writer, poet, actor, to Covid-19. This is a huge loss. Many of you may know him from his performance as lead actor in “Court” (2015).”

Vira Sathidar was born in 1960 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The financial condition of Veera Sathidar’s family was not at all stagnant. 

Veera was interested in art since childhood. He was well versed in painting, sculpture, poetry writing, acting from the beginning. 

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Sathidar’s film, which came out in 2014, was well received by the people. But it did not make any difference in their economic status. He got fame from this film but could not get work.

In the year 2019, he told during an interview that he has no sorrow that even after the ‘Court’ film, his problems remain the same. There are many people who spend their lives in more trouble than them. I still spend the day by reducing freelance writing and acting a little bit.

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