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Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, Real story behind the movie

The first trailer for Rani Mukerji's film Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway has just dropped. The trailer sees a trace of heartache and pain,

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real story behind Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway movie

The first trailer for Rani Mukerji's film Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway has just dropped. The trailer sees a trace of heartache and pain, as Chatterjee fights to get her children back and has to prove her worth in court, while accusations mount that she is "unstable".

is 'Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway' a true story?

Yes, "Ms. Chatterjee vs. Norway" is a true story. It is a landmark case that was heard at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in 2008. The case was brought by Ms. Chatterjee, an Indian national who had lived in Norway for several years, against the Norwegian government.

Ms. Chatterjee had been denied a residence permit for her husband, who was an Indian citizen, and her Norwegian-born daughter. The story revolves around a mother named Sagarika Bhattacharya who fought to get her children back from the Norwegian Child Welfare Services.

Real story behind the movie

The film "Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway" is based on a real-life custody battle between an Indian couple, Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya, and the Norwegian child welfare agency, Barnevernet. The case gained international attention in 2011 when Barnevernet took custody of the couple's two young children over concerns of neglect and placed them in foster care.

The Bhattacharya claimed that the separation from their children was a violation of their parental rights and cultural values. They argued that they were following common Indian parenting practices, such as co-sleeping, which the Norwegian authorities misinterpreted and considered negligent.

The case went through various legal proceedings, including a trial in a Norwegian court, where the Bhattacharya were eventually granted visitation rights. However, they were unable to regain custody of their children, who were eventually placed with Norwegian families.

The case sparked outrage and controversy in India, where it was seen as an example of cultural insensitivity and abuse of power by the Norwegian authorities. The Indian government intervened in the case, and several high-level meetings between Indian and Norwegian officials were held to resolve the issue.

The movie "Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway" seems to be inspired by this case, but it is not an actual account of the events. The film portrays a similar scenario in which an Indian mother fights Norwegian authorities to regain custody of her son, highlighting the cultural differences and clash of values between the two countries.

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway is very special

In a statement, Rani Mukerji said, ” Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway is very special. I can’t wait to see the reactions of my fans on the trailer.”

Mukerji was previously in “Bunty Aur Babli 2” (2021)

Nikkhil Advani said, "It is a matter of pride and responsibility with which we have made our film and we are delighted to bring the inimitable Rani Mukerji to our audiences."

Shariq Patel, Chief Commercial Officer at Zee Studios, said: “Zee Studios is committed to supporting content-driven and provocative stories and ‘Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway is the perfect movie.

Partnering with Rani and Emmay Entertainment on such an important film, which is based on a true incident and conveys the hardships of a mother who took on an entire country for her children, was creatively empowering.”

Heartbreaking and massively courageous, says Karan Johar

Karan Johar had also shared the video on his Instagram account with the caption "I have had the privilege of seeing this heartbreaking and massively courageous film…Hand on heart this is Rani Mukerji’s best performance till date … to say that she is absolutely outstanding is still not completely describing her portrayal of an anguished and distraught mother ….

He further added "I don’t think there is a single parent in this world that will not be hugely affected and then vindicated in the viewing of this brilliant film… bravo to @emmayentertainment for producing their best and bravest film so far ( props to Greenlawans high school #iykyk) and the director @ashhimachibber for her excellence in directing this film with such nuance! Yeh sirf trailer hai! Picture abhi baki hai… in cinemas 17th March 2023!!"


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