MP’s Tribal woman, Lahari Bai, becomes India’s brand ambassador for millets

Story of MP’s Tribal woman, Lahari Bai | Millets is a highly varied group of small-seeded grasses, widely green around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food. According to APEDA, millets are cultivated in over 93 countries throughout the world and sorghum is the most frequently grown millet. India is the largest millet grower. In addition, Madhya Pradesh is among the highest millet-producing states in the country.

Lahari Bai, becomes India's brand ambassador for millets
Lahari Bai, becomes India's brand ambassador for millets

About Lahari Bai

With her “Beej bank,” Lahari Bai, a 27-year-old tribal lady from Dindori, Madhya Pradesh, has recently become a popular brand advocate for millets. In her two-room house, one room has been completely converted to millet storage. And, she has managed to preserve more than 150 varieties of millet seeds. 

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Lahari Bai, becomes India's brand ambassador for millets
Lahari Bai, becomes India's brand ambassador for millets

In her interview with DD news she states that, when she noticed some varieties of millets getting endangered, she started collecting and conserving these varieties. Additionally, she plants them in her field and offers free distribution to local farmers so they may cultivate them. And, Rare types of millet such as Madhia, Salhar, Sabha, Kodo, Kutki, Sanwa, Kuttu, and Cheena have been preserved by her.

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Lahari recalls how, when she began gathering and preserving millet seed types in her teenage years. And, she was frequently made fun of by her own Baiga tribal tribe.

“People made fun of me and frequently turned me away, but I had just two goals: one, to remain single and support my parents; and two, to protect millet seeds and encourage their production since millet eating offers unrivaled health advantages”

Lahari Bai, Brand Ambassador of Millets

State Mission on Millets

Madhya Pradesh has also set some state missions on millets with the mains objectives:

  1. To provide the option to the farmers to sell their crop at a minimum cost of Rs 4000 per quintal for Kodo and Rs 5000 per quintal for Kutki.
  2. To provide a suitable market to the federations for selling their processed Kodo- Kutki at good prices.
  3. To make continuous increases in the area and productivity of Kodo-Kutki in the state.
  4. Establishing the brand value of Kodo-Kutki at the national and international levels.


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