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Most famous roads in the world

Most famous roads in the world

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most famous roads in the world; These are the ten most famous roads in the world. Tell me, how many roads have you passed? The Most Beautiful Roads Around the World are feats of engineering that take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes on our planet. We have handpicked the 10 best roads in the world that are stunning destinations in themselves and offer breathtaking views.

Most famous roads in the world

Route 66

This is probably the most famous highway in the world. This 4,000-km-long road connected the East of America with the West for the first time. It passes through Chicago, Illinois, Santa Monica, California. Although it was formally closed in 1985, but tourists still visit here a lot.

Icefields Parkway

It is also known as Highway 93. Passing through the heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, this road takes you through ancient icebergs, valleys and lakes. But yes, keep extra petrol in the vehicle, as no petrol pump will be found far and wide.

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Pan-American Highway

This road, about 30,000 km long, circumnavigates the entire continent of America. You can visit 20 countries on this road connecting the Alaska province of America in the far north with Tierra del Fuega in the southern tip of South America.

Route des Grandes Alpes

Starting from Thonon le Baines on Lake Geneva, the road leads to the town of Menton on the French Riviera. In this 700 km long journey, you can see the breathtaking views of the French Alps. The road is open only from June to October and that too depending on the weather conditions.

rosfeld panorama road

This drive in the southeastern mountainous area in Bavaria, Germany, is very popular among motorcyclists. The road is open throughout the year and hikers are also seen on the way.

Amalfi Coast Drive

This road running along the Amalfi Coast of Italy overlooks the Salerno Valley. On this 50 km long journey, you pass through many valleys.

Chapmans Peak Drive

It is a road passing along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in South Africa that connects the port of Hout Bay with the village of Noordoek. On one side there are granite rocks, which have been cut into the road and on the other side is the bottomless sea.

Great Ocean Road

In the Victoria province of Australia, this road offers wonderful walks along the hills as well as the seashore.

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State Highway 8

The road leading to Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak, passes through picturesque lakes like Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki, and intersects the 700-square-kilometre Aoraki National Park, where dozens of icebergs are visible.

Katu-Yarik Pass

Russia’s Katu-Yarik Pass is considered one of the most dangerous mountain passes in the world. The journey is only 3.5 kms, but this road passing through Altai Republic in southern Russia tests you and your vehicle completely. And as a result, you get amazing views.

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