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Who is Aroosa Alam and what is her connection with Amrinder Singh?

Who is Aroosa Alam; Malvinder Singh Mali, the advisor to Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu, has now made another such post on

By Ground Report
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Who is Aroosa Alam

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Aroosa Alam; Malvinder Singh Mali, the advisor to Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu, has now made another such post on Facebook, which is bound to be controversial. Sharing a picture on Facebook with CM Captain Amarinder Singh and Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam, he wrote that what are these pictures indicating? Mali has raised questions not only on Captain Amarinder Singh but also on the DGP and Chief Secretary of Punjab.

Mali has shared a picture of Aroosa Alam with Punjab DGP and Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Facebook. He wrote, 'Aroosa Alam is your advisor on national security. I used to think that this is your personal issue, so never raised the question. But now you have linked Navjot Sidhu's advisors with Congress politics and national security, so I am compelled to post this.

Twitter war

Aroosa Alam is a Pakistani journalist who covers defense-related matters. The issue of Aroosa Alam has been raised in the past, but this time after the order of the inquiry, a debate broke out between Sukhjinder Singh and Amarinder Singh on Twitter.

Captain Amarinder Singh's media advisor Raveen Thukral tweeted on his Twitter handle quoting Captain Amarinder Singh. He wrote for Sukhjinder Singh, “So now you are resorting to personal attacks. That's all you have to show people a month after taking office. What happened to your big promises regarding Bargadi and drug cases? Punjab is waiting for the fulfillment of those promises."

Hitting back at the same, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said, "Regarding the election promises, I remind your Sir @capt_amarinder that it was you who took the investigation into the Maur blast, Bargari sacrilege and drugs cases to their logical conclusion. Failed, rest assured, these are all cases. It will be taken to its logical conclusion in the coming days."

He tweeted, "Almighty is always great as you have suffered Capt Amarinder because you failed to fulfill your commitment to Guru Sahib even after taking oath of holy 'Gutka Sahib'. Punjab in safe hands under @incpunjab Govt. I am and will be." .

To this the former CM replied to his media advisor Raveen Thukral, his media advisor, via Twitter handle, "As far as Bargari inquiry is concerned, I challenge you @sukhjinder_inc to take oath of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and refuse I submit that both the investigating officers Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh and Ranbir S are Khatra. Were appointed on your recommendations. Instead of leveling baseless allegations against me, do your job."

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Who is Aroosa Alam?

Aroosa Alam is a defence journalist from Pakistan who is considered to be the closest of Amarinder Singh in Punjab. Amarinder Singh, who has also been the former Maharaja of Patiala, meets Aroosa regularly. Aroosa visits his house, yes, does not go to Patiala because Amarinder Singh's family does not consider it right.

Aroosa calls Captain Amarinder Singh as Maharaj Sahib and Aroosa also got a VVIP seat in his swearing-in ceremony. Aroosa had met Captain Amarinder Singh in 2004 when he went to Pakistan. Aroosa is the daughter of Aqleem Akhtar who dominated Pakistani politics in the 1970s. Aroosa's mother was also called 'Queen General'.

Arusa inherited her mother's identity and because she had such a hold in the military, Arusa started writing about the military by becoming a defense journalist. Aroosa is also known for his Agusta-90B submarine deal report that led to the arrest of Pakistani Navy Chief Mansurul Haque in 1997.

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Aroosa was married and has two children from their marriage. She has always been interested in India and has always accepted the invitation to visit India.

Amarinder Singh's connection with her

For the first time in 2007, the name of Aroosa Alam was added to the name of Amarinder Singh. Both were seen together many times. At that time Aroosa had said that both of them are just good friends. But a chapter in Amarinder Singh's biography 'The People's Maharaja' talks about the relationship between Amarinder Singh and Aroosa. It is written in the book that Amarinder Singh and Aroosa's relationship is very beautiful and they are proud of that relationship.

Their relationship has always been very controversial. Amarinder Singh's wife and former minister Preneet Kaur never spoke about it publicly. Aroosa Alam never goes to Patiala and spends most of her time in Chandigarh. The difference between Lahore and Chandigarh is the same as that between Delhi and Chandigarh.

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