Modi Hai To Manipulation Hai? Twitter trends with #ModiHaiToManipulationHai

The Indian National Congress(INC) today started a twitter campaign against the Modi Government and the hashtag #ModiHaiToManipulationHai is trending on twitter. Twitteratis are reacting hard in the campiagn using this hashtag. Twitter users are using the facts with the hashtag and they are blaming the BJP Govt for manipulating the actual facts and distracting people from the core issues.

बीजेपी छोड़कर पूरा देश किसानों के साथ? ट्विटर पर ट्रेंड हुआ #SpeakUpForFarmers

The official Twitter handle of Congress tweeted a picture of PM modi claiming that no one entered the Indian territory from Chinese border on one side. And on the other side it shows the screenshot of a news item of the news portal of Mumbai Mirror showing, China killed 20 Indian soldiers.

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Today is the seventh day of Farmers Protesting against the New Farm Laws introduced and then passed by the Central Government. Farmers warned the govt. that they will block the national capital Delhi from all its borders. Farmers from Punjab and Haryana blocked the Delhi-Haryana’s Singhu and Tikri Border. They are demanding the scrapping of the new farm laws and that the government should take it back. Government is also being questioned on issue of farm laws.

‘कोरोना मरीज़ के घर पोस्टर लगाने पर उसके साथ होता है अछूतों जैसा व्यवहार’

On the other side of the twitter, The National Convenor of Indian National Congress(INC), Ruchira Chaturvedi tweeted a picture using the same hashtag #ModiHaiToManipulationHai. It is showing Government’s “U-Turn”, the claims of Prime Minister Modi of the vaccination of whole country and how PM Modi promised to vaccinate the entire nation.

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किसान आंदोलन: 86 साल की ‘बूढ़ी हड्डियों’ से कांपा ’56 इंच का सीना’

Another user on twitter shared a screenshot of a news item of India Today, showing that the ‘Report showing higher GDP growth during Manmohan era removed from govt website‘. This news item was from August, 22, 2018 which claimed that Govt removed the GDP growth data from its website.

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