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Home ยป Marriage with non-Muslims invalid: AIMPLB tells Muslims of India

Marriage with non-Muslims invalid: AIMPLB tells Muslims of India

Marriage with non-Muslims invalid

Ground Report | New Delhi: Marriage with non-Muslims invalid; The advisory says that the mobile phones of boys and girls should be monitored, girls should be taught only in women’s schools and they should be married early. Many Muslim women have termed such advisory as ridiculous.

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Marriage with non-Muslims invalid

This advisory has been issued by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board this month. The reason behind this is the increasing cases of marriage in non-religion. Inter-religious marriage has been made an issue in this advisory, but there are many things for Muslim girls like the need to keep an eye on their mobile, studying in a girls’ college, early marriage of girls, etc.

According to the advisory, in cases where Muslim girls married non-Muslim boys, their later lives went through great hardship. To prevent such incidents, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Executive Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, has issued a seven-point advisory.

In this advisory, it has been mainly explained that a Muslim girl can be married only to a Muslim boy. Similarly, a boy cannot marry a non-Muslim girl. Even if taxed, this type of marriage would be invalid by Islamic Sharia.

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Why was the advisory issued?

In the advisory, Muslim scholars have been instructed to be ‘aware’ of the youth to prevent such incidents. It has also been told in the advisory that a close watch should be kept on the mobiles of boys and girls. Apart from this, as far as possible, try to teach girls in girls’ schools. Make arrangements that time is not spent outside the house except for school and make them understand that for a Muslim, only Muslim can be the companion of life.

The board urged the parents to get their children married at an early age and not to delay the marriage, especially in the case of girls. “Delay in marriage is also a major reason for such inter-religious marriages,” the board said.

The board urged the parents to keep a watch on the mobile phones of both boys and girls. He also urged the parents to teach girls in girls’ schools instead of co-ed schools. “Parents should discourage girls from leaving school and spending time outside the home. They should be told that only a Muslim can be their life partner,” the board said.

The board said that when Muslim boys or girls marry in the registry office, their names are issued in a list prior to the marriage. Religious organizations, concerned parties, teachers of madrasas, and important personalities of the Muslim community should reach out to them and tell them that such so-called marriages would lead to a life of haram.

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