Maha: Father drags minor girl from wedding, kill & burns her body

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her family in Jalna, Maharashtra. The girl had left her house with her lover, but she returned after her father and uncle promised to marry them off. The girl was reportedly strangled to death by the duo in Jalna district as she eloped with her boyfriend three days ago.

On the wedding day, her father and her uncle allegedly dragged her out of her mandap and hung her from a tree before burning her body to destroy the evidence.

According to officials, they then burned her body in an attempt to destroy the evidence, but a local person alerted the police.c They then put her ashes in a bag later that night. Her father and the girl’s uncle killed her to avoid disgrace in society. All this was done to prove that the girl had committed suicide.

However, no one in the family objected to the horrible act. Someone in the town informed the police station, and the police immediately arrested both accused. They were sentenced to three days in pretrial detention.

Meanwhile, a team from the Chandanjhira Police Station arrested the duo and the matter is being further investigated.

In early September, a man allegedly shot and killed a 21-year-old woman in the town of Boisar in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, then killed himself by jumping in front of a vehicle, police said. They suspected that the incident was the result of a love affair between the deceased.


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