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List of Hindu temples in these 9 Muslim countries

India and Nepal are the only Hindu majority countries in the world, but Hindus are spread all over the world. He also has a significant number of Muslim countries. Let’s look at the temples located in Muslim countries.


Katasraj Temple located in Chakwal district of Pakistan was built in the seventh century. Ram temple, Hanuman temple and Shiva temple can be seen specially in this temple complex. Archaeological experts are engaged in its maintenance.

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Many people of the Hindu Tamil community live in Malaysia and hence there are many temples here. There are many temples in Batu caves in Gombach. There is a huge statue of the Hindu deity Murugan at the entrance of the cave.


Today, even though Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, there is a glimpse of Hindu ways in its culture. There are a large number of Hindu temples there. In the photo, former US President Barack Obama can be seen in the ninth-century Prambanan Temple.

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Hindus account for about ten percent of Bangladesh’s population of more than 16 million. A large number of devotees reach the Dhakeswari temple in the capital Dhaka. There are many more temples in different parts of the country.


In February 2018, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Oman, he also went to the Shiva temple in the capital Muscat. Apart from this, there is a Sri Krishna temple and a gurudwara in Muscat.

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There is currently only one temple in the UAE which is in Dubai. Its name is Shiva and Krishna Temple. Soon the first temple will be built in Abu Dhabi, whose foundation was laid by Prime Minister Modi.


Many people go to Bahrain from India in search of work, including many Hindus. In view of his religious beliefs, Shiva temple and Ayyappa temple have been built there.

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The number of Hindus living in Afghanistan is now around 1000. Most of them live in Kabul or other big cities. Hindu temples also became victims of the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan. But there are still many temples left in Kabul.

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Hindu temples also exist in Zaitun, Lebanon. By the way, the number of Indians living in Lebanon is not much. The number of Indians there declined after the 2006 Israel-Hizbollah War.

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