Class-11 girl raped by Instagram friend at Gurugram hotel

Class-11 girl raped by Instagram friend at Gurugram hotel

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped repeatedly by a man she befriended on Instagram last year at a hotel in Gurugram, police said. The matter came to light when the accused sent a nude photo of the Class 11 girl to her mother and also shared it online. The accused has been identified as Raj … Read more

How Supreme Court fueled the identity crisis for the Nepali community in Sikkim?

sikkim identity crisis for nepalis

People of the Nepali community are on the streets in Sikkim, recently on January 13, the Supreme Court called the Nepali community of Sikkim foreigners during the hearing of the petition demanding tax exemption for Sikkimese citizens. The Supreme Court had said that Nepalis are migrants and ethnic Sikkimese communities like Bhutias and Lepchas are … Read more

Who is Cyril Shroff, Adani’s father-in-law, part of SEBI?

cyril shroff karan adani's father in law in SEBI

Another twist in the tale bigger Adani group fiasco. Karan Adani’s father-in-law Cyril Shroff is part of the committee on corporate governance in SEBI i.e. The Securities and Exchange Board of India. Karan Adani is the son of Adani Group’s chairman Gautman Adani. He is also the CEO of Adani ports and SEZ. Talking about … Read more

Credit Suisse assigned zero value to Adani bonds; what does it mean?

adani bloomberg report explained

Credit Suisse has assigned zero value to the Adani stocks | So, so things are not at all well for India’s Adani group. Hindenburg’s report has created turmoil in the invincible Adani empire.  Switzerland’s investment banking company Credit Suisse has assigned zero value to the Adani bonds. That is to say, the Adani Group can’t … Read more

Why Adani Group calls off its FPO, who were the investors?

adani calls off FPO but why

Adani Group calls off its FPO | After Hindenburg’s report, Bloomberg’s report shattered the Adani Group badly, according to this report global investment firm Credit Suisse has reduced the value of lending bonds of four companies of the Adani Group to zero, earlier it used to be 75 percent. Due to this, the Adani group … Read more

Gulmarg Avalanche: Names of two Polish nationals who died in the tragedy

Gulmarg Avalanche Names of two dead polish skiers

Two skiers from Poland died while 21 others were rescued after a massive snow avalanche hit Afarwat peak in Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir. Two foreign nationals identified as Polish citizens have been killed in this incident. 19 foreign nationals have been successfully rescued. The deceased were identified as Krzysltof, 43, and Adam Grzech, 45, both … Read more

Who is Chang Chung-Ling and, does Adani have a Chinese connection?

Who is Chang Chung-Ling and, does Adani fraud has a Chinese connection?

The Hindenburg report has been out for more than a week, and there have been rebuttals from both sides. The current discourse is on how the Adani group is claiming the report to be an attack on India, and its growth rate. To which Hindenburg said, ‘draped itself in the Indian flag while systematically looting … Read more

Budget 2023: the difference between the old and new tax regime

Old and new tax regime explained

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget in the parliament, and it is good news for middle-class salaried employees. There have been changes in the new tax regime. The regime came into effect after the budget in 2020. And, now it has been revised for the benefit of the individuals. While the new tax regime … Read more

Environment Budget 2023: Funds reduced for Green India Mission, Key points

environment budget 2023 key points

Environment Budget 2023: Nirmala Sitharaman started her Budget 2023 speech with a pledge to make India a green economy, but no concrete provision was made for the environment in her budget. On the contrary, the budget for the Green India Mission has been cut. However, an additional Rs 49 crore will be allocated to the … Read more

Budget 2023: The list of items got cheaper and costlier

Union Budget Cheaper costlier list

Budget Cheaper Costlier List: The thing that people are always most focused on in the Union Budget is the change in tax slabs. In the Union Budget of 2023-24, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made five major announcements regarding personal income tax. Giving relief to those opting for the new tax regime, the Finance Minister has … Read more