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Kantara song 'Varaha Roopam', copied from Kerala band's original 'Navarasam'

Kerala Court has put ‘restrains’ and has theatres not play the song i.e. ‘Varaha Roopam’ during the movie.

By Rajeev Tyagi
New Update
varahroopam or navrasam controversy

There will be literally no one who would not have heard great words about the Kannada movie Kantara. Low-budget Kannada became an instant success and was praised for its great storytelling, particularly for the immersive music. 

Now, Kerala Court has put ‘restrains’ and has theatres not play the song i.e. ‘Varaha Roopam’ during the movie. The court has also instructed music-streaming platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Wynk Music, and JioSaavn to do the same. In the interim order, injunction, the Kerala court said that there are ‘unavoidable similarities’ in the composition.

The popular Kerala-based band named Thaikkudm Bridge claimed that the song ‘Varaha Roopam’ in the film Kantara was their original composition. The band filed a case in the Kerala court against the makers of the film. 

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Varaha Roopam

About the Kerala band “Thaikkudam Bridge”

Started in 2013, Thaikkudam Bridge is a popular Kerala-based band.  The band was founded by Govind Vasantha and Siddharth Menon and is a multi-genre band. Since their inception, the band has released two albums Navarasam (An Ennead) in 2015, and Namah in 2019. 

About Kantara

The movie follows the story of a tribal named Shiva, and the crisis of the community to tell the story of the forest, and its intertwined association with the natives. The demi-god known as ‘panjurli’, as believed by the people, protects the people and the land.

The movie with its extraordinary cinematography and music tells a very captivating story about modern forest rights and its inevitable association with mythology cum history.

The movie is a story of man’s ordinary greed, and exploration which more often than leads to disastrous consequences.


This is not the first time something like this is coming to light. Although, the incredible hype of the movie as well as the song makes it a little hard to digest. The film was amazing, and the passion of the director Rishab Shetty who plays the lead character is evident. The film was appreciated to the extent that people wanted it to go to the Oscars too. Amidst this, when a controversy surfaces where one artist is not appreciated the art of other artists it dilutes the credible of the artist.

All we can hope is that, the makers of the film come out with some clarification and if unnecessary rectify the charges made by the band. That being said, the film deserves all the glory.

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