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Kabul airport: Unidentified assailants clash with Afghan forces

Another blast in Kabul

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kabul airport The German armed forces said Monday that there was an exchange of fire between unidentified gunmen, Western security forces, and Afghan guards at the northern gate of Kabul airport.

According to a Reuters report, thousands of Afghans and foreigners have gathered at the Hamid Karzai International Airport to leave the country after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. One Afghan guard was killed and three others were injured in today’s clash.

The German military said on Twitter that the attackers also clashed with US and German forces. It was not immediately clear if the bodyguard was a member of the Taliban. The airport has been in chaos since the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital on August 15.

The Afghan Taliban say hundreds of their fighters have been sent to the Panjshir Valley, one of the few areas still not under Taliban control.

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Kabul airport

Resistance is emerging in some areas after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and some former government troops are gathering in the northern province of Panjshir, a longtime anti-Taliban stronghold, according to AFP. The Taliban wrote on their Arabic Twitter account: “Local authorities in Panjshir have refused to retire peacefully, after which hundreds of Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate are moving towards Panjshir to take control.”

According to a spokesman for anti-Taliban groups, thousands of people have come to Panjshir since the Taliban took control of Kabul last week. According to a resistance spokesman in Panjshir, Ahmed Masood, the son of prominent anti-Taliban leader Ahmad Shah Masood, is trying to mobilize more than 9,000 forces to resist the Taliban.

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The spokesman said the group was in favor of a new system of government but was ready to fight if needed. Ahmed Masood told the Saudi broadcaster Al-Arabiya on Sunday: “Government troops have come from several Afghan provinces.” He said: “If we continue on this path, the Taliban will not last long. We are ready to defend Afghanistan.

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