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Tourists to explore new safari jungle in Gwalior

By sanya raghwa
New Update
Tourists to explore new safari jungle in Gwalior

A new safari jungle will be built on Shivpuri link road in Gwalior. The city is to witness a new safari park experience. 

The tourists are welcome to explore the essence of beautiful flora and fauna. The safari park will be a home to many beautiful wild animals.

The zoo requires at least 125 hectares of land for which the municipality is working currently. Initially, the municipality got approval for 70 hectares of land near Rairu but the location was not suitable.

Hence a proposal was framed seeking approval for a 125-hectare of forest land to be constructed in a hilly area named Guda-Gudi ka naka. 

There is an ongoing process for the allotment of the land and the new zoo is expected to be built soon. 

The zoo is expected to introduce a variety of new birds and wild animals. 

To provide the best exposure to its tourists the municipality has decided not to construct small cages for the animals instead the animals like tigers and lions will be freed in large cages. 

The Gandhi zoological park is made on 12-hectare forest land with more than 560 wild animals. The park was built in 1902 and was initially known as King George zoological park.

With an annual budget of five crores, this zoological park was initially open for royal guests and later became a public park in 1922. 


The new safari park in Gwalior would be providing safari vehicles for its tourists and visitors. The park would have only one entry gate for the visitors to enter through the gypsy and experience the beautiful flora and fauna.


Many incidents of hunting wild animals also come to the fore in the Gwalior-Chambal division. In view of this, a rescue centre will also be prepared here for the care of wild animals. Injured wild animals will be treated in this rescue centre. At present, in the absence of a rescue centre, injured wild animals are sent to Bhopal for treatment. But, due to this arrangement in the new zoo, the injured wild animals will be treated and kept in this zoo safari.

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