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All you need to know about vacuum bomb used to destroy buildings in Gaza

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America is one of the manufacturers of these vacuum bomb

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Israeli army announced that it launched an attack by about 160 warplanes during the last hours of the night, on more than 150 underground targets in the northern Gaza Strip, using vacuum bomb to destroy buildings in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

According to the statement of the army, on the other hand, infantry, artillery and armored forces that spread along the borders attacked the sector through hundreds of artillery shells and dozens of tank shells.

 The army claimed that the raids were aimed at directing a strong blow to the underground tunnels of Hamas, as many kilometers of tunnels were destroyed, and the bombing led to the displacement of dozens after dozens of homes were destroyed by the forces.

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The bombing of the army was not limited to the use of cluster bombs and “DIME” bombs. Rather, the aggression extended to include the Air Force’s use of vacuum and concussion bombs in bombing the buildings, where the vacuum bombs cause the internal air to be discharged from the target building. And the high external pressure, causing the building to explode and collapse inward. 

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How do vacuum bomb work?

The injuries with vacuum bombs are characterized by significant lacerations and damage to the internal organs of the body, while the external effects and wounds on the body are superficial and slight, and it is worth noting that the Israeli occupation used vacuum bombs during its invasion of Lebanon and the siege of Beirut in 1982, and also during the July 2006 war.

Vacuum bombs are known as a piezoelectric bomb because they contain ammunition of solid fuel that burns sublimely at high speed, turning into a gas or a flammable spray that explodes upward, causing a tremendous pressure loss at the site of the explosion.

The effect of vacuum bomb

The reason for the so-called vacuum bomb is: Due to the negative pressure it generates at the site of the explosion, it lasts for a few milliseconds, and the truth is that this case causes a vacuum at the beginning, followed by an attack of air pressure from all sides to compensate for the negative pressure resulting from the explosion, which leads to double destruction of the area surrounding the target.

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And unlike conventional bombs, which, due to the increase of positive explosive pressure in the target area, leads to the destruction of the surfaces and sites facing the bomb only, without any significant impact on the back of the target, the vacuum bomb destroys the target from all sides, not just from the opposite side of the bomb.

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Among the bombs known to the military and specialists are the BLU-109, BLU-188, or BLU-188B bombs. America is one of the manufacturers of these vacuum bombs and sells them to several countries in Europe and the Middle East.

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