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Is Dhirubhai Ambani the villain in animated series Pantheon?

dhirubhai ambani is prasad in pantheon

Pantheon is an intriguing American-animated mystery series that dives into ideas of artificial intelligence, charged intelligence, and shady government experiments. One of the characters in series ‘Pantheon’ resembles a successful Indian Businessman: Dhirubhai Ambani. In the show, the character is named Prasad, and plays the villain.

A twitter user was quick to express his amazement (for lack of a better word). The user tweeted,

“holy sh*t they legit made Dhirubhai Ambani a villain in this animated sci-fi series (he’s the head of an Indian telecom empire called the alliance”.)

dhirubhai ambani pantheon
Source: Reliance Industries

pantheon screengrab
Screengrab | Twitter/vgnshnmgm

There is more than just facial recognition.

Dhirubhai Ambani is known have an ambitious mind in context to telecom. Indian Billionaire, and his son,Mukesh Ambani gives credit to his father i.e. Dhirubhai Ambani for the ambition which helped him create Jio. Jio changed the telecom sector in India, by providing free and affordable communication to all Indians.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, has been criticised for retaining user data without their consent.

Quite similar to what Prasad aims in the show through his “Alliance Telecom Company”. They wish to scan human brain and upload it onto the cloud through their “Uploaded Intelligence” or “UI,” 

The company is also set in India, and has some Game of Thrones style tussle for power.

There are definitely some resemblance. The intention of the same, can only be confirmed by the show’s creator i.e. Craig Silverstein.

The show is based on a series of short stories by Ken Liu in The Apocalypse Triptych, and premiered on 1st September 2022.

Episode Four

The first two episodes of Pantheon, AMC’s animated adaptation of that work, are in no rush to get to that distant future, as both faithfully reproduce Liu’s scenes and lines while padding the story to give their supporting characters more time.

The fourth episode begins with Prasad arriving at his luxurious Tower Block home via helicopter. The billionaire’s residences are equipped with a spectacular rooftop swimming pool; gorgeous, high-tech furnishings and an army of staff.

Chanda infiltrates the house, hacking this cutting-edge technology to wage her own cyber warfare. He sends all the staff members home, takes an incredibly hot bath for Prasad and then causes a petrol leak. Prasad’s son is then trapped in the rooftop pool, while an explosion separates the other members of his family.

In a horrific setup, Chanda shows gruesome footage of his brutal operation on the television screen of the house and then talks to his former boss on the phone.

Prasad begs for mercy, but Chanda only wants to watch as his nemesis loses everything. Fire spreads rapidly in the tower block and no one will survive this attack. Pope and Waxman see disaster on the news and consider Prasad’s back alley upload. The Pope states that the offerings were both successful and unsuccessful with these advances, implying that he is aware of Chanda’s retaliatory attack.

The rival business is falling apart and customers are rioting in the streets. Waxman has discovered a missing employee named Chanda attacked Prasad and Alliance Telecom by proxy. Who knew that the bankruptcy of a telecommunications company would lead to riots and civil war? On top of that, Logorythm bought the server farm that was hosting David, so everything is falling apart.

pantheon series on ambani

At dinner, Renee investigates Caspian and the two lie to each other, doing the same old thing. Caspian decides to install hidden cameras in the house and captures Renee’s broken character. He listens as Renee angrily talks with Pope. He informs her that Carrie has gone rogue and runs away from the project. She grabs her gun and takes Caspian on a road trip, clearly using this vacation as a ploy to hunt down Carrie.

Twitter reaction

Pantheon is a popular animated series with 8 IMDB rating, and 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes. Obviously, when fans saw the uncanny similarity, they had to share their opinions. And, here are a few

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