Instagram is down, People come up with hilarious memes

Instagram is not working for hundreds of people around the world. Users on social networks reported the fall of Instagram yesterday since they took the opportunity to create memes and react.

As of 6:35 p.m. yesterday, the site had logged 1,438 reports of users being unable to use the popular app. Of all the reports they had received, 60% were related to problems with their feeds, while 38% had problems with the app itself.

According to Downdetector – a website that monitors the main Internet servers in the world – the failures began around 11:20 a.m. on May 16.

Among the reports, users indicate that the fault is in the loading of the feed with the multimedia content when starting the application on the smartphone. The web version has the same flaws.

Users react with memes to the fall of Instagram

After the failures in the social network, Twitter users began to report these problems through memes, something that is already very common when an app fails.

“Me going to Twitter to confirm that Instagram is failing “, ” Thank you Twitter for confirming that Instagram is down hahaha no one shows the stories ” and ” I love how we go to Twitter to confirm that Instagram is down “, are some of the comments of netizens ”.

Another user said, “Why the hell is this now my explore page? I didn’t ask for this ??? #instagram stop this nonsense #instagramdown”.

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