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IMD Report: How many people lost life due to lightning strike in 2023?

In March 2023, there were numerous lightning incidents across 12 states of the country, resulting in significant loss of life.

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WMO Report: 200 lives lost in thunderstorms, lightning in India

In March 2023, there were numerous lightning incidents across 12 states of the country, resulting in significant loss of life, according to the latest report of India Meteorological Department (IMD) highlighted these incidents in its March 2023 Climate Report.

About 60 people died in these incidents, with the highest number of casualties in Madhya Pradesh, where 20 people lost their lives between March 6 and 20.

In Chhattisgarh, 12 deaths were recorded between March 18 and 25, while six people died in Maharashtra between March 15 and 16.

On March 29, five people lost their lives in Odisha due to lightning, while four people died in Gujarat and Telangana.

Two people each died in Assam, Rajasthan and Kerala. At the same time, lives were also lost in Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Significant weather events and associated death during March 2023. Source: IMD

According to the data released in the report, five people died in the torrential rains in Uttar Pradesh between March 17 and 18, 2023, while one death was recorded in the rains in Gujarat on March 17.

Similarly, on March 6, one person lost his life in a landslide in Jammu and Kashmir. The hailstorm that fell on March 19 and 20 in Chhattisgarh not only damaged the crops but also resulted in the death of one person.

Overall, these calamities during March took the lives of 68 people, while 70 people were injured due to it. Not only this but 550 cattle have also been reported killed in these calamities.

Heavy Rainfall in India Statistics

According to the report, during March 2023, there was heavy rain in many parts of the country. This is the seventh time since 1901 that the southern peninsular region has received so much rain.

According to statistics, central India received 206.4 per cent more rainfall than normal.

Similarly, the southern peninsular part of India received 107 per cent more rainfall than normal. The eastern and northeastern parts of the country have also recorded 12 per cent more rainfall than normal.

If we talk about the whole of India, then this time in March, 26 percent more rain has been recorded than the average.

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