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IFFCO to set up Nano Urea Fertiliser Plant in Argentina & Brazil

IFFCO Argentina A Joint Venture with Cooperar, Cooperative Confederation of Argentina & INAES

Ground Report | New Delhi: World’s biggest fertilizer cooperative IFFCO will set up a Nano Urea Liquid manufacturing plant in Argentina in partnership with Cooperar, Cooperative Confederation of Argentina & INAES. The three entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for the same and other important matters related to cooperative growth and development.

They will together analyze the feasibility of setting up a Nano Urea Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant in Argentina with mutual collaboration. They will also explore the possibility of cooperation in trade and investment in both the countries, in areas of mutual interest, including agrochemicals and agricultural inputs to achieve sustainable development. Earlier, IFFCO signed an MoU for the same with Brazil Cooperative, OCB.

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The MoU was signed by Ariel Guarco, President, Cooperar, Alexandre Roig, President, INAES, and Yogendra Kumar, Marketing Director, IFFCO in a virtual meeting in presence of various officials of all groups. Mr. Ariel Guarco is also the president of the International Cooperative Alliance which is an alliance of around 111 countries across the globe with 320 cooperatives operating in various sectors.

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Dr. U S Awasthi, MD, IFFCO congratulated everyone and termed this is as a historic & great moment for both countries. He said that this is a special moment for IFFCO as well as Brazilian cooperatives as this will give more strength to the cooperatives in the world. He also said that this innovative product will benefit the farmers of both countries (IFFCO Argentina).

“ IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid is a Sustainable Solution for Plant Nutrition with higher Nutrient Use Efficiency and reducing soil, water and air pollution. Huge Impact on quality of underground water, very significant reduction of global warming with a positive impact on climate change & sustainable development.”

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The scope of MoU will be offering opportunities to exchange ideas and develop business relationships, to carry out joint research and training activities along with educational visits for better understanding and opportunities. The same will also be expanded into other fields/areas of common interest with mutual consent. They will also share best practices, create mutual opportunities, offer visibility, develop professional relationships, build resources for better service delivery, innovation, and strengthening of cooperative ties between them and their members.

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