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How to Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair Over the Forties?

How to Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair Over the Forties?

Ground Report | New Delhi: How to Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair; You’re now in your mature years, with your youth just behind you. But that is no reason to ignore your grooming! As you grow older, your body slowly starts undergoing changes and loses its ‘shine’. For those over 40, white hair, hair fall, skin wrinkles, dry skin, and loose facial features are all huge problems.

First, you must understand that these changes are only natural, and most methods can only delay the signs of aging for a few years. That means that you need to be proud of your own body and be sure to love yourself. Still, if you are not satisfied with your current hair care routine, you may try and revamp it for better grooming. (How to Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair)

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How to Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair

As we grow older, several different kinds of problems start manifesting in our hair. These issues are seen both in men and women, irrespective of your hair care routine. Some of the common hair problems over 40 include:

● Dry

Your hair texture slowly starts changing as the hormonal structure of your body undergoes a change with age. It is very common to find hair becoming very dry. This dryness makes hair brittle, causing it to break from the middle. This is different from hair fall, in which your hair falls out from the pores. Apart from breaking hair, dry hair can also cause dandruff.

● Thinning

Naturally, our hair growth rate slows down over time. Our growth struggles to keep up with the rate with which hair generally falls. Because of this, the density of the hair starts falling. This can lead to the development of bald patches that look very unpleasant. Thinning hair can also cause a receding hairline, exposing too much of the forehead.

● Gray

The gray color of your hair has become a universal symbol of the age. The hair starts losing its color because of the fall in the rate at which our body produces the pigment Melanin. It is one of the inevitable results of aging and is often seen to be shameful during the forties when you also have normal hair at the same time.

● Hairfall

The biggest enemy of hair, aging, causes hair fall. Similar to the problem of graying, because of changes in melanin and hormonal rates, you will experience rapid shedding of hair from the roots, after which new gray hair starts growing. This shedding and hair fall can look very awkward for many adults.


There are many ways in which we can maintain an effective hair care routine and protect their health. Some of the best ways to care for your hair are:

1.   Try out a new haircut

Dealing with thinning hair and gray hair can be difficult. A great way to have better-looking hair might be to consider a haircut that better suits the look. Usually, a shorter hairstyle is ideal for aging people.

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2.   Eat Right

Getting the right amount of nutrients through your food is crucial. A healthy diet of veggies, proteins, vitamins are not only beneficial for our digestive system and heart but also for our hair. A lot of hair problems stem from a lack of nutrients that the body was able to process during youth. Keeping up with a good diet can show great results in protecting your hair from aging.

3.   Use Oils (Maintain Healthy-Looking Hair)

Hair oils are an amazing way to get moisture into the hair along with several nourishing minerals and nutrients. Hair oils are usually made with natural materials that have several healing factors. These oils can strengthen the hair, prevent hair loss, and also curb dandruff. On top of it, regularly applying hair oil can give it a soft bouncy texture and an attractive shine.

4.   Brush Regularly

Brushing your hair has been shown to increase the blood flow in your scalp. This is helpful in keeping the scalp healthy. Good scalp health translates to a decline in health-related problems such as dandruff and hair thinning. However, take caution not to overbrush or brush your hair too hard. If you are too harsh with the hair you can tangle or break the strands.

5.   Use the right shampoo

Shampoos are used to clean the hair of foreign dirt and impurities. As older hair starts losing its color, it can end up looking dirty. Shampooing regularly can help clean up the hair and prevent it from tinting. Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos that will be gentle on your hair and keep them healthy in the long run.

6.   Don’t use heat treatment

Using heat treatment hair grooming tools such as a hairdryer, straightener, or hair curler can cause damage to aging hair because it is very brittle. It is advisable to utilize heat protectant products to protect the hair from heat damage.

7.   Dyeing

Dyeing can look like a great option to eliminate grays. The problem with dying is that it is rather complicated. There are many chemical dyes in the market that cause more harm than good to the hair in the long run. Even while using safe, natural hair dyes, another consideration has to be the color tone. You have to be careful that your dye color is not too light or too dark compared to your original hair color. Otherwise, you will end up looking with very weirdly tinted hair. It is advisable to get your hair dyed by professionals who can guide you properly.

8.   Use the right products

Many hair care products contain parabens that can alter the scalp’s chemical balance. It is best to avoid these products. Having a healthy mix of conditioners, creams, styling products, oils, and shampoos is very important in properly grooming and maintaining your hair. There are several blogs that can help you decide which hair product is the best for you.

Hair Care can be a very intimidating procedure, especially in your older years. However, with these amazing tips, even you can fight away the years and return to your cheerful, youthful hairstyles!

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