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Why Covid cases increasing in Israel despite vaccination?

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Covid cases increasing; In March, Israel seemed to have been chased by Covid-19. More than half of the country’s population of more than 90 lakhs had received both the vaccines of the corona. This is about 60 percent of the population and the number is increasing.

In this respect, Germany was largely behind. By mid-March, only 3.7 percent of its population of 830 lakh had received both doses. There is more than 50 percent of those who got the first dose and less than 50 percent of those who took the second.

Israel was ahead. Some reports claimed that face masks had completely disappeared from public places and life had returned to “normal”.

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Why Covid cases increasing

Not even four months have passed that the situation has turned upside down. Some countries are warning that Israel is a high-risk destination for travelers. Since mid-July, the cases of Covid there are increasing continuously. The government says that those cases are mostly in children who have not been vaccinated, but some cases are also of breakthrough infection, that is, people have been infected even after both doses of the vaccine.

The Ministry of Health of Israel has quoted some studies to claim that the protection of the vaccine starts decreasing after some time, especially against the delta variant of Corona.

That is why Israel is now pushing for a third dose of the vaccine, to strengthen the antibodies in people and increase their ability to fight against the disease. This campaign is being run on a war footing. Since the beginning of August, booster doses have been administered to tens of thousands of people.

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The confirmed cases of Covid-19 every day (according to the average of seven days) started increasing around 16 July. At that time the daily infection rate was only 19.29. By August 16, an average of 5950.43 infections had started happening every day. Between May, June, and July, the country had an average daily death rate of zero. This does not mean that there were no deaths at all, but their figure did not stand anywhere in the average.

Cases in Israel

Perhaps one of the reasons for this could be the delta variant of the Covid virus. There has been some hesitation in making public data about the prominence of the delta virus in Israel. But at an August 14 press briefing, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that “the rise of the delta strain all over the world and in Israel is engulfing the world.”

From this, it can be understood that the delta variant also has a hand in the increase of cases in Israel. In addition, the Ministry of Health has reported that “from June 6, there has been a decline in the effectiveness of the vaccine for the prevention of infection (64 percent) and symptoms (64 percent). These declines coincided with the spread of the delta variant in Israel.”

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