History: There was Hazrat Sadanshah Wali Peer Dargah atop Pavagadh Kalika Temple

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat today. Tomorrow he will inaugurate the reconstructed temple of Sri Kalika Mata on Pavagadh Hill. This is one of the oldest temples in the area, which attracts a large number of pilgrims. The 11th-century temple complex, in addition to being a masterpiece of engineering, also contains a Dargah, which is also a great example of social harmony.

According to the temple trust, for the first time, the temple will have a shikhara (superstructure and shikhara) where the erstwhile Peer Dargah of Hazrat Sadanshah stood, which was shifted to a location next to the temple during the redevelopment under a friendly agreement between Hindus and Muslims.

Trust member Kalika Mata told The Indian Express that the transfer of dargah was the most difficult part of the temple’s reconstruction work. The Trust member said, “We have also restored the dargah under the agreement.”

Kalika Temple Pavagadh history, Picture credit: Wikipedia

The temple and dargah were restored under the supervision of Ahmedabad architect Ashish Sompura. The Rama Temple is also being built in Ayodhya under his leadership. On Thursday, just before the church was closed to the public ahead of the prime minister’s visit, the scene was noisy.

Although the flag is several hundred years old and is an ancient temple, the flag has not been hung at the Mahakali Temple in Pavagadh for centuries for some special reason, but now, a century later, the flag will be raised at the 41-foot temple. on top of the temple.

The obstacle to swinging has disappeared, a century later the historic ancient temple of Mahakali in Pavagadh has reached its full form, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit the court of Mahakali in June 18 to seek his blessing, a special thing.

Just above the Kalika Temple is Sadan Shah Peer Dargah, which is visited by both Hindus and Muslims. The dargah of Sadanshah Peer is located in the courtyard of the temple and his worshipers are still serving the dargah. The number of devotees coming here has increased more and more.

Due to the fact that the flag was not hoisted on the Mahakali temple for centuries, the Mahakali temple was unfinished before the new construction of the temple. Its summit was shattered, this summit was broken by the Mughal invaders, in 1540 Mahmud Begada attacked Pavagadh and not only broke the top of the temple but also destroyed many idols in the temple.

It is believed that in the 15th century, Sultan Mahmud Begda conquered Champaner, where he established his capital, and “destroyed the shikhara of the temple,” according to a note published by the trust. It is believed that Darga Sadanshah Peer was built around that time.

According to records, Sadanshah Faqir was Sahadev Joshi, and he was a Brahmin who became a Muslim. He was a courtier of Muhammad Shah, and Sahadev Joshi changed his faith to be accepted by Muhammad Shah. He played a role in saving the deity Pavagad from the iconoclasm of Muhammad Shah.

Kalika Temple Pavagadh history, Picture Credit: Comp Studio Desk

“The idol of the goddess was at a low level, and during the reconstruction process, we raised the floor of the temple to such a level that the devotees could see the deity at eye level. Garbha-sin was not touched at all, ”said Surendra Patel, head of the Kalika Trust Mataji Mandir, who is also the treasurer of the Gujarat BJP and a former Raja Sabha MP.

After that Kankanakruti Maharaj repaired this temple in Digambar Bhadraku, but even then the top of this temple could not be built because of this temple. There was a dargah at the top of the temple, there are many legends about the presence of a dargah at the top of the temple.

After the invasion of Mahmud Begada, the spire of the temple of Mahakali was demolished, and the dargah of Sadanshah Peer was destroyed here, and since then the spire of the temple has been destroyed. In a way, there was no summit, so there was no flag.

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