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History of formation of “MIZORAM”

History of formation of "MIZORAM"

Ground Report|New Delhi: History of Mizoram; Land of Mizos or Lushai Hills presently known as Mizoram, state of India named by the British administrative unit in 1947.


Between 1750 and 1850 the Mizo tribes migrated from the nearby Chin Hills, subjugated the indigenous peoples, and comprehended them into their own society. Lushai Hills was an excluded area as demarcated by the British in order to exclude it from direct purview. Various tribes continued to be the dominant force in society after the British.

After the Second World War, a new class of elites began to rise in society. Mizoram’s first political party, the Mizo Union (MU) was formed to abolish chieftainship. The name Mizo (Mi is man, Zo is Hil it was chosen to reflect “the typical integrationist aspiration of the middle class.”

It is located in the northeastern part of the country and is bounded by Myanmar (Burma) to the east and Bangladesh to the west, Assam to the north. The capital is Aizawl, the north-central part of the state.

The Bordoloi Committee created the Sixth Schedule in the Indian Constitution. This made Lushai Hills a free State which would have the power to legislate on the usage of the land, the establishment of town councils and inheritance of property, etc among others

July 1947, around the time the Bordoloi Committee submitted its report, one faction of the MU broke off and founded the United Mizo Freedom Organization (UMFO) to try and merge the district with Burma. The growing discontent for the Government due to the spread of Mautam Feminine (1959-1961), the movement began for independence under a Mizo leader named Laldenga.

The Mizo NationalFront (MNF) under the leadership of Laldenga work as a fire and intensified movement for the session from Assam when Nagaland was separated and granted as a statehood in 1963 make people furious for free from boundation. Mizos start participating in electoral politics. In 1963 Mizo armed started a campaign, looted banks, attacked government offices. This also affects the civilians who are caught up in the crossfire.

In 1973, the Mizo less extremist leaders had scaled down their demands, the ensuing armed rebellion compelled the central government of India to assume Mizoram’s administration and to make it a union territory in 1972. (History of Mizoram)

Mizoram stands for independence and to represent itself as a free state. The continued signing of the Mizoram Peace Accord in 1986. The document was signed by Laldenga, on behalf of MNF, and the Union Home Secretary RD Pradhan on behalf of the government of India, Lalkhama Chief Secretary of Mizoram also signed in the agreement after signing the accord total of 614 activist Surender in front of the Indian Army. An Amendment passed in 1986 which confer Mizoram as an independent state. As a result of this accord, Mizoram was granted independence as a state in 1987.

Facts about Mizoram

  • Mizoram became a part of India only 33 years ago.Before 1987 Mizoram was considered a union territory. On 20th February 1987 Mizoram became the 23rd state of India on making of the Fifty-third Amendment of the Indian Constitution 1986
  • Tourists traveling to Mizoram will need an inner line permit. The rules are different for domestic tourists and international tourists.
  • Maximum part of Mizoram is covered with forest areas.
  • It has the third highest literacy rate.
  • The Tropic of cancer passes through Mizoram
  • Total 23 mountains are in Mizoram either it be Phawngpui (Blue Mountain), the highest one about2157 or circuit hose (Lunglei) about 1105.3.
  • Population wise it’s on 27 rank with 12.77 lakh (2022 estimates).

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