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Hailstorm and rains destroyed crops in these districts of MP

In Madhya Pradesh, rain and hailstorm started on Saturday, March 18, that continued till Monday, March 20.

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hailstorm in mp wheat crop destroyed

In Madhya Pradesh, rain and hailstorm started on Saturday, March 18, that continued till Monday, March 20. For people it was a good weather after early heatwave but for farmers it was rain of destruction.

In the month of March, rabi crops get harvested, those farmers who had harvested their crops and sent them to safe places, they have not been harmed. But the farmers whose crop is still in the field or got wet after harvesting, are facing losses. The crops have been damaged up to 90 percent in the places where there has been hailstorm along with the rain. However many areas reported partial damage to wheat crop because most of them were harvested on time.

Let us first know which districts of Madhya Pradesh affected by rain and hailstorms.

Districtwise data of wheat crop destroyed in Madhya Pradesh

Heavy hailstorm occurred on Sunday in many districts of Mahakoshal-Vindhya and Bundelkhand.

Hailstorm has caused extensive damage to crops in Katni, Dindori, Shahdol, Sidhi, Panna, Damoh and Umaria.

wheat crop destroyed in these districts of madhya pradesh in march 2023
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  • Katni - Heavy hailstorm for 10 minutes, many villages affected
  • Dindori- Bajag district, hailstorm in rural areas of Karanjia, Gorakhpur town, near Girwarpur village.
  • Khargone-storm, rain and hail destroyed the hard work of the farmers.
  • Barwani- There was a storm in the hilly area
  • Mandsaur – Crops destroyed in Nagarikchanara, Lasudia, Deepakheda, Aira, Dhakad Piplia and Kayampur of Sitamau tehsil.
  • Burhanpur – Crops were destroyed in hundreds of hectares.
  • Khandwa- Estimated destruction of watermelon crop in 800 acres and onion crop in 200 acres, hailstorm occurred in Mundi town
  • Datia- Damage in 10-12 villages
  • Gwalior - 8-10 villages affected
  • Ashok Nagar -5-7 villages affected
  • Khargone-Jhirnia and Bhagwanpura tehsils most affected
  • Shahdol – Hailstorm in Pandariya
  • Panna-Village Sildhara, Lohrai, Pahadikhera, Brajpur affected by rain and hailstorm
  • Niwari- Damage in Chandpura village of Prithvipur tehsil
  • Bhopal- 80 to 90% of wheat crops have been damaged.
  • Balaghat - Rain and storm, fear of damage to wheat, gram and mustard crops, paddy sacks kept in the open got wet.
  • Raisen- Crops have been damaged due to rain
  • Narmadapuram- Partial damage to crops
  • Harda- Timarni and Rahatgaon area wheat and gram crop destroyed
  • Sehore- Due to the rain, quality of wheat grain degraded
  • Ashta- Wheat crop partially destroyed
  • Vidisha- Damage to crops due to hailstorm.

How wheat crop in MP damaged?

The farmers whose crop was ripe and ready in the field, their crop has been damaged more by the windstorm and unseasonal rain. The crops have been spread in the fields, the grains of the crop have been damaged due to hail and now it is difficult for the harvester to move due to moisture.

Crops which were kept in open after harvest and got wet, will lose shine and the price will be less in the market. If the crop is too wet then there will be 100 percent loss.

Farmers of Sehore district say that the price is less in the market, this time they expected that the price would be 2500 to 3000, but wheat is being sold only till 1500-1800.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced the speedy survey of loss farmers facing.

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