‘Gupkar alliance’ spying for China, Pakistan: MP Chief Minister

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan attacked Congress over the Gupkar alliance and said that the Congress is part of the ‘Loot gang’.

Talking to reporters at the BJP’s state office in Bhopal on Friday, Chauhan said that the Gupta alliance is a coalition of anti-nationals.  This includes those who scammed thousands of crores of land under the guise of the Roshni Act.

He further said that the BJP has abolished Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir on its promise to form an absolute majority government, but the Gupakar coalition is talking about restoration of this section. Not only this, it is being said to seek cooperation from the new President of China and America.

Shivraj Singh said, Mehbooba Mufti says that we will not hold the tricolor till we get the flag of Jammu and Kashmir back.

Targeting Congress, Shivraj said, “Congress is not behaving like this for the first time.” Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru accepted the partition of the country for power. It was the revered Pandit Nehru who enforced Article 370 in Kashmir, it was Pandit Nehru who did not make Kashmir equal to India by making two laws, two legislations and two laws in one country. Allowed to happen.

Shivraj further said, these are the people spying for China and Pakistan and this is not an alliance. Under the guise of law, leaders have grabbed land worth more than 25000 crores in Jammu and Kashmir. Be it the National Conference or PDP, their children have been studying abroad.

He added that “He has led a life of luxury. They were given the freedom to loot Kashmir and pushed Jammu and Kashmir into darkness. All of them are gathering and speaking the language of treason”.