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Gujarat Pollution Control Board and Police Join Hands To Combat Noise Pollution

The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and the police have joined hands to combat noise pollution in the state.

By Apoorva
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noise pollution in Gujarat

The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and the police have joined hands to combat noise pollution in the state. The collaboration aims to address the growing concern over the adverse effects of noise pollution on health and the environment.

The Collaboration

The GPCB and police will work together to conduct joint inspections, raids and enforcement actions against industries, commercial establishments, and residential areas violating noise pollution rules. They will also conduct awareness campaigns to educate people about the harmful effects of noise pollution and encourage them to take preventive measures.

Noise pollution is a significant problem in Gujarat, with increasing levels of noise pollution caused by vehicular traffic, industries, construction activities, and loudspeakers. The state's urban areas are particularly affected, with high population density and a high concentration of commercial activities.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), noise pollution levels in many cities and towns of Gujarat exceed the permissible limits. Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat are among the cities with the highest levels of noise pollution in the state.

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Impact of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can cause a range of health problems, including hearing loss, tinnitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sleep disturbance. In addition, it can also lead to environmental degradation, such as soil erosion, water pollution, and habitat loss for wildlife.

The GPCB has taken several measures to control noise pollution in the state. These includes

  • the notification of noise pollution rules,
  • the identification of silent zones,
  • the issuance of noise pollution certificates to industries, and
  • the installation of noise measuring devices in various parts of the state.

However, these efforts have been inadequate to curb the rising levels of noise pollution.


The collaboration between the GPCB and police is a positive step towards addressing the issue of noise pollution in the state. However, sustained efforts are required to reduce noise pollution levels and promote public awareness. The government and the public need to work together to identify and implement effective solutions to this pressing environmental and health issue.

The collaboration between the GPCB and police in Gujarat is a crucial step in the fight against noise pollution. It is hoped that this joint effort will lead to a significant reduction in noise pollution levels in the state and promote a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

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