What is a Green muffler and can it reduce noise pollution?

One thing that is constant in India is the amalgamation of numerous smells, colors, and definitely sounds. The sounds are more often than not noise. The constant traffic, loudspeakers, gatherings or get-togethering contribute to the noise pollution around us. Extreme noise pollution is synonymous with urban life, or cities.

But, is this a fact that Indians have to live with, or something can really be done? 

Honestly, there is a very simple solution. A solution that would also help contribute to our fight against climate change. The solution is: ‘Green Muffler’.

Green Muffler

Green muffler refers to a measure of soundproofing done by planting trees on the side of the road. These are the series of trees that can absorb noise, and reduce noise pollution for the commuter by almost 50 percent.

This simple method called Green Muffler can be adopted across roads, as well as residential areas, particularly in urban spaces. All this is backed by research in various countries.

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How does it work?

There are four core ways in which these work. The four ways are: 

  1. Plant Sound Absorption
  2. Deflection of sound by plants
  3. Plant Refraction of Sound
  4. Plant Sound Masking

These are quite self-explainatory. Although, the principle applies is that the ‘green muffler’ which has more surface area will help in reducing the noise better. That is to say, the combination of trees, shrubs, and even ground-cover plantings would help a great deal.

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Impact of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a health hazard, as well as impacts the environment. The animal species which rely on noise or sound to hunt or communicate or navigate get impacted due to the excess of it. The state of dogs, and other animals during Diwali, or during a loud sound is well known. 

If we gauge what loud sound or consistent noise does to humans, it is easy to understand what can it do to an animal around us. In addition, the long-term impact could be a decrease in the specie’s number or even extinction.

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The hearing problems, psychological issues(fatigue, depression, anxiety, hysteria, hypertension, etc), physical problems (headaches, high blood pressure, respiratory agitation, etc), cognitive Issues & behavioural changes (performance-level), cardiovascular issues, etc. 

Apart from being a ‘muffler’, trees absorb Carbon Dioxide, prevent soil erosion, provide much-needed relief from the sun, and increase the green cover of the city.

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