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Govt ‘Informally’ asks airlines not to fly Chinese nationals into country

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In a stern response, India has informally told all airlines not to come to India with Chinese citizens. This step taken by India is being seen as a reaction to China’s action.

In November, China, citing the corona virus epidemic, decided not to temporarily grant entry to Indian citizens with valid visa holders and permits. After this, flights from India to China were cancelled.

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Air services between India and China are currently closed, but Chinese citizens can travel by meeting the necessary standards of travel for foreign nationals. But its first they have to go to that ‘third’ country with which India is maintaining traffic. And after that they fly to India.

But now in the last few weeks, all Indian and foreign airlines have been specifically asked not to come to India with Chinese citizens.

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According to a Times of India report, last weekend, both Indian and foreign airlines have been specifically told not to send Chinese nationals to India. Tourist visas are currently suspended in India, but foreigners are allowed to travel to work and some other categories of non-tourist visas. Sources say that most of the Chinese nationals flying to India come here via Europe.

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Some airlines have been asked by authorities to give in writing to give Chinese citizens booked for flights to India a reason to refuse as per current norms.

India’s response has come as Indian sailors are stranded in various Chinese ports, as China is refusing to allow them to shore or even replace the crew. About 1,500 Indians have been affected by this because they cannot return home.

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In early November, China suspended the entry of foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits from some countries, including India, due to the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy in India said in a statement on its website on 5 November, “The Chinese Embassy / Consulate in India will not stamp the health declaration for holders of the above categories of visas or residence permits.”

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