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Fact check: India-China Soldiers fresh clashes? Video Viral

India-China Tension does not seem to end, efforts are on to find a solution through diplomatic meetings between the two countries. India-China relations have suffered ‘great damage’ due to the ongoing tension along the border with East Ladakh

These days a new video has gone viral on the Chinese social media claims that the video is of the latest violent clash between the forces of India and China. It is also being claimed that this clash occurred at an altitude of more than 5000 meters. 

Twitter user Aadil Brar shared the video

Earlier Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said in an online discussion with the Australian thinktank Lowy Institute that China has so far given ‘five different safes’. The tension is now going to be 8 months, but there is no hope of its going away. China’s strange stance is a major hindrance in this.

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Jaishankar says that the two sides have talked several times till now but are unable to understand the basic issue that “agreements are not being followed”. The External Affairs Minister even went on to say that India’s relations with China were “in the worst phase ever”.

Jaishankar referred to the movement of the Chinese army in the Galwan valley in which 20 soldiers were martyred. He said, “Today we are probably in the most difficult phase of relations with China, at least in the period of 30 to 40 years, maybe more than that.” The Foreign Minister explained how the Goodwill that had formed in the last 30 relations with China was ruined in a few days.

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Claim: The viral video is from the recent clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh.

Fact Check: The claim is false, There is no snowfall in background, as it’s winter so the video appears to be of late August 2020.


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