China, India now look forward to another war over China’s dam project?

After tensions and clashes on the border between India and China, China and India now look forward to another war. The reason for the current tension is the construction of a ‘super dam’ which has no precedent in the world.

Some in India have expressed concern that if China builds such a large dam near the Indian border, it could use it as a weapon. China has announced plans to build a dam on the Yerlang Zhangbo River, which flows through Tibet.

The dam is said to have more power generation capacity than any other project in the world. According to some estimates, its power generation capacity is more than 70,000 megawatts per hour, which is currently three times more than the world’s largest power generating Three Gorges Dam. The Global Times, a spokesman for China’s Communist Party, quoted Yan Xiang, chairman of the Power Construction Corporation of China, as saying that there was no such project in the world.

India has been cautious since China’s announcement of construction on the Erlang Zhangbo River, saying only that it is keeping an eye on the news regarding the construction of the dam. The Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that India has been continuously conveying its concerns and views to the Chinese government and has been urging China to ensure that none of its projects affect the interests of neighboring countries. ۔

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However, a few days after the announcement of the construction of the dam by China, an official of the Indian Ministry of Water told Reuters that India was also considering building a large dam on the Brahmaputra so that China The negative effects of construction of K Dam could be minimized. The Erlang River is known in India as the Brahmaputra and flows through India to Bangladesh from where it enters the sea.

The project has been the subject of much speculation for some time, but now the recent meeting of the Communist Party has approved plans to complete it in the next five years, including the Erlang Zhangbo Dam.

Importance of Brahmaputra River

The Brahmaputra River is of great importance to India. The Brahmaputra accounts for 29% of the total water flowing in the rivers of India and 40% of the hydropower in India depends on the Brahmaputra river.

Experts in India are expressing fears that China is building a ‘super dam’ on a site that would not harm China if it collapsed due to a natural disaster. But India will have to pay a heavy price. “India faces a land threat from China in the Himalayas, its borders are being crossed at sea, and the latest news is a reminder of a water war,” said Brahma Chelny, a strategic affairs expert on behalf of China.

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There is no water sharing agreement between India and China. China and India signed an agreement in 2002 to share water flow data, but India says China has cut off that cooperation since tensions between Indian and Chinese forces in the Doklam area in 2017 have done.


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