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Govt aims to vaccinate one crore people daily by July-August

Vaccination after 9 months covid19 recovery: Covishield Corona Vaccine Price: Serum Institute of India

By August we will have 20-25 crore doses every month

Ground Report | New Delhi: The central government has expressed hope that by mid-July or August, the supply of vaccine in the country will increase in India, after which 10 million people will be vaccinated daily. NK Arora, chairman of the Task Force on covid-19 Vaccination, has said that by August, ‘Made in India’ i.e. about 250 million vaccines made in the country will be available.

Dr. Arora said, “Serum Institute of India has stated in a letter that by the end of June they will make 10-12 million vaccines, which will be 50% more than their capacity.” Similarly, the capacity for production of co vaccine will also increase and by the end of July, they will be able to prepare 10-12 crore vaccines per month. In addition to this, vaccines of Sputnik V, Fishers and Moderna may also be available from other vaccine manufacturers or abroad.

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Improved supply of vaccines

Dr. Arora said, “By August we will have 20-25 crore doses every month. Our goal will be to get one crore people vaccinated every month.” He also told that in the next few weeks, it will also be investigated whether people can be given different doses of vaccines. In this, it will be found out that if people are vaccinated from another company in the second dose of the vaccine, then what effect does it have on the ability to fight the virus.

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It has been several months since the vaccination campaign started in India, but there is a constant complaint of shortage of vaccines in the country. At present, seven to seven and a half crore (7-7.5) vaccines are available in India every month, including Covishield and Co vaccine. Meanwhile, in the second wave of Corona in India, the number of new cases is steadily decreasing.

India latest COVID-19 figures

On Monday, about 1.5 lakh (1,52,734) new cases were registered within the last 24 hours, which was the lowest figure in the last almost 50 days. During this 3,128 people died. The maximum infection cases in the Corona epidemic were reported on May 7. On that day, 414,188 cases were registered. On May 19, a record number of 4529 people died due to corona.

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