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Forest workers in Rajasthan demanding equal pay and weapons for self-defense

Forest workers in Rajasthan are on an indefinite strike for their 15 demands. Because of this, the work has come to a standstill.

By Pallav Jain
New Update
ranthambore forest workers strike

Forest workers in Rajasthan are on an indefinite strike for their 15 demands. Because of this, the work in the different wildlife sanctuaries of the state has come to a standstill.

All the tourists who are visiting these parks are returning with disappointment.

Front-line workers of the Forest Department are agitating under the banner of Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti van vibhag Rajasthan to get their demands fulfilled.

What are the demands?

  • Equal pay for forest workers same as for other government departments.
  • 10th 8th pass forest workers should be adjusted on the post of forest guard.
  • Weapons should be given for self-defense.
  • Mess allowance should be Rs.2200.
  • Working hours should be fixed.
  • 2 thousand rupees allowance for petrol.
  • Like other departments, there should be a system of promotion, new posts, and designations.
  • Special allowance should be given to forest workers dealing with poaching, mining, encroachment, and predatory wildlife.
  • Allowance for uniforms of at least 7 thousand rupees.
  • Arrangements should be made for free entry to departmental officers and employees in sanctuaries and national parks.
  • Arrangements should be made for the departmental employees to stay in forest rest houses.
  • A written assurance on all demands fulfillment.

Forest workers protested in Jhalana Leopard Reserve, Sariska, and Ranthambore National Park in the state. Tourists were not given entry to many places. The tourists who came for safari had to return disappointed.

Abhinav Kumar, a tourist who came to visit Jhalana Leopard Reserve, told the Times of India that he had come here from Bangalore to visit, but now he does not know when he will come back to Rajasthan. This is quite a disappointing experience.

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