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Five Best Kashmiri Songs: Emotions Unfold

Five Best Kashmiri Songs; Besides the natural beauty and picturesque landscape Kashmir has been a home to great culture and great artists.

By Babra Wani
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Five Best Kashmiri Songs: Emotions Unfold

Ground Report | New Delhi: Five Best Kashmiri Songs; Besides the natural beauty and picturesque landscape Kashmir has been a home to great culture and great artists. For centuries now Kashmiri poets have penned down emotions, which local musicians created magic with. From romantic poetry to exploring spirituality Kashmiri poets have done it all. And to add to it is the justice they do with the words, the justice they do with the emotions. These masterpieces became the household emotions. Kashmiri folk music chakkier and rouf have their own significant places. Besides the music, it is the lyrics or the poetry that people connect with the most. 

Five Best Kashmiri Songs

Kashmiris have a great taste in music and poetry. People overages and years now have expressed their thoughts about society, culture, traditions, conflicts through words and music. These are not just pieces of music but the reality depicted. The love for the beloved, the pain of separation, the longing, the memories, the tears of sorrows, the tears of joy. There are stories associated with these songs, emotions that are relatable. Lal Ded, Habba Khatoon, Abdul Ahad Azad, Mahjoor, Rasul Mir are some of the poets who have created beautiful work. The list however goes on. And Late Vijay Kumar Malla, Kalash Mehra, Abdul Rashid Hafiz, Late Abdul Rashid Farash are some of the singers who gave their beautiful voices to the poetry and made the magic. The list is unending of beautiful songs, music, and poetry that have enriched Kashmiri literature and are a part of the history and culture of Kashmir.

Here are five Kashmiri songs that depict and unfold emotions.

1. Nigaaro

"Nigaaro chaen husnan kaer dewaan kaetya" this song has been sung originally by Rashid Jahangir and written by Ghulaab Saifi Kishtiwari. This song is a dedication to the beloved. The song has a Sufi vibe and will instantly become your favourite when you listen to it. The song was recreated by Chinar music in 2019 and was sung by Mir Iqbal. This song will give you a beautiful and spiritual feeling on a rainy day.

2. Cholhama Roshay Roshay

"Cholhama Roshay Roshay , waloooo Myaani poshay madnoo," this is song is an absolute tragedy. It depicts separation and agony of it. Written by the very celebrated poetess of Kashmir Habba Khatoon, it has been sung by various singers over the years. 

It was originally sung by a celebrated Kashmiri singer Jameela Khan. This song is all about emotions and the pain of separation. This song is a beautiful song that makes the listeners emotional. You maybe must have heard this song in "Made in Heaven" in the voice of Vibha Saraf. 

3. Zinde Roznne Baapath 

"Zinde Roznne Baapath Che Maraan Lukh,

Tche Mareakh Naa," this song has been written by veteran poet Rahmaan Rahi and this song is about the struggles of man in his life. This depicts sadness, love, pain, joy, sorrow. It is about the darkness human life is subjected to. It also is about silent endurance. Sung by legendary Kashmiri singer, Late Vijay Kumar Malla, this song is full of feelings. This song is surely going to affect a million emotions altogether.

4. Wucch Lolkis Safras Andar

"Wucch Lolkis Safras Andar

Kyah Kyah Mei Sarrun Pyoum," is a beautiful song by the renowned poet of Kashmir, Late Aziz Hajini, who has been a celebrated poet for many years. His work is full of compassion. Legendary singer Waheed Jeelani has given his voice to this song. You will surely enjoy this song and the lyrics. This is a sad poem for the beloved, about love.

5. Katyu Chukh Nundbaane 

"Katyu Chukh Nundbaane,

Walo Mashooq Myaani," this song has originally been sung by veteran Kashmiri singer Abdul Rashid Hafiz. The poetry of this song has been written by renowned Kashmiri poet Mehmood Ghaami. The song is about love, separation, and pain. Celebrated Kashmiri singer Kalash Mehra has also sung a version of this song. Other singers like Noor Mohammad and Rashid Jahangir have also sung this beautiful song in their own styles. This song is a call for the beloved,  who has been separated. Full of spirituality this song is going to hook the listeners up. 

Anyone who is into listening to Kashmiri songs or into Kashmiri culture and poetry these are for you. The poetry is beautiful and full of emotions, the music is Sufi and the vibe is soothing. These songs will not disappoint you.

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