Tips to choose a family floater plan based on your family type

When it comes to family, their well-being and health are everyone’s top priorities. However similar, every family is different based on the number of family members, their age difference, and their medical needs. That’s when it becomes difficult to choose the right health insurance family plans that secure your loved ones while keeping your budget intact. Whether big or small, your family’s coverage has now become easier with wide-ranging and customized family floater health plans.

In this article, we help you identify your family type while suggesting the most suitable family floater cover for your needs.

4 Types of Health Insurance Plans for Different Family Types

  1. A Zone-based Family Health Insurance for a Nuclear Family with Young Children

The most common family type, a nuclear family is one that includes self, spouse, and up to two young children. While young and growing, a nuclear family’s head has a lot of responsibilities, from paying house rent and buying a car to school fees for children and managing everyday essentials. Such a family needs an affordable health plan with standard coverage, including hospitalization expenses, daycare treatments, OPD coverage, ambulance charges, etc.

To ensure budget-friendliness while buying a family floater plan for your nuclear family, go for a zone-based health cover. The cost of a region-specific health insurance plan is based on the type of city you live in. For instance, a family floater plan in a metro city depends on high medical costs and thus has a slightly higher premium. On the other hand, a family floater will cost less for a family living in tier-2 or 3 cities.

Care Health Insurance is one such health insurer offering zone-based health coverage for every type of family. The premium is affordable, and health benefits are based on the city you reside in.

  • A Family Floater with Maternity Coverage for a Young Family, Planning Expansion

When you are ready to step into family life as a newly married couple, it is wiser to think about the future. With family expansion on your mind, you should opt for a family floater cover with maternity insurance benefits.

Although you can buy separate insurance for maternity coverage, there are some basic health insurance policies offering maternity coverage as an optional benefit. Such plans help you safeguard your personal medical expenses while promising coverage for the new family member. Since you enjoy lower premiums at a young age, getting maximum coverage for present and future healthcare needs becomes bearable.

You can get optimum benefits along with maternity coverage under the Care Plus- Youth Health Insurance Plan by Care Insurance. The policy offers adequate healthcare coverage with a slew of optional benefits to do future planning carefully.

  • A Critical Illness Cover for Family Members having Different Medical Needs

Every family has a different medical history with some persisting health condition across generations. For instance, some families have a persisting issue of high blood sugar levels, while some may have elders struggling with cancer, heart disease, or other chronic ailments.

To ensure complete security against expensive medical treatment costs for chronic hospitalization, you should consider buying critical illness coverage. Especially for vulnerable members like senior citizens, you should opt for a separate health plan covering critical illnesses, pre-existing conditions, annual health check-ups, and other relevant benefits.

For instance, the Critical Illness Mediclaim by Care Health Insurance offers medical coverage for 32 critical illnesses, including paralysis, stroke, and organ failure, among other serious conditions. The best part is that you can buy your elders a separate health plan without disturbing your healthcare budget.

So, always choose the right family plan that will not only safeguard your finances but help you save more during medical emergencies.

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