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242 days of extreme weather, Madhya Pradesh worst affected

By Pallav Jain
New Update
Weather warning: Thunderstorms and heavy rains sweep across India

The report of the Center for Science and Environment has presented a detailed report on extreme weather events observed in India this year.

This report shows that in the 9 months of the year 2022, 88 percent of the days were of extreme weather events in the country. That is, for 242 days of the year heatwave, cold waves, storms, heavy rains, landslides, and lightning strikes have been recorded in different parts of the country.

This report confirms the extreme weather that you and I are witnessing and feeling every day. Let us know some important points of this report-

  • In India, 2,755 people died this year due to extreme weather events.
  • Crop in 18 lakh hectare area was destroyed.
  • 4,16,667 Kuchcha houses were destroyed.
  • 70,000 livestock died.
  • The maximum extreme weather events were recorded in Madhya Pradesh, where 301 people died.
  • In Himachal, a maximum of 359 people died due to extreme weather.
  • India recorded its seventh wettest January since 1901
  • Eastern and northeastern India saw its warmest and driest July in 121 years. 
  • Every day of the three months of the monsoon – from June to August – indicates heavy to very heavy and extremely heavy rainfall in some parts of the country.

How has climate change affected Madhya Pradesh this year?

  • Extreme weather was recorded in MP for 198 days out of 273, which is the highest in the country.
  • 887 people lost their lives due to weather accidents.
  • Crops of farmers were ruined in a 1.36 lakh hectare of area.
  • More than 28 thousand kutcha houses were destroyed.
  • 7,519 animals died.

These extreme weather events affected the most


Out of 273 days in the country, 159 days of lightning have been reported. In this 954 people died. In Madhya Pradesh, 164 people died in 46 incidents, while in Bihar 243 people died in 23 incidents.


  • The country recorded 66 days of a heatwave, and 45 people died due to this.
  • There was a heatwave for 42 days in Rajasthan, 38 in Madhya Pradesh, 33 in Himachal, and 28 days in UP and Delhi.
  • There was a heatwave for 23 days in April and 17 days in March.

Cloud Burst

  • There was a cloudburst incident on 11 days.
  • 20 killed in two incidents in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Himachal- 7 times the cloud burst, and 12 people died.

Heavy rains, floods, and landslides

  • 157 days of heavy rain, floods, and landslides were recorded
  • 1214 people lost their lives in these incidents
  • A maximum of 72 incidents occurred in Madhya Pradesh in which 112 people lost their lives.


  • There was a cold wave for 30 days in the country.
  • 21 days in mp
  • 20 days in UP
  • 12 days in Punjab
  • Haryana 11 days
  • 10 days in Rajasthan
  • The maximum cold wave was 22 days in the month of January.

Economic loss in India due to climate change

  • According to the World Bank, there is an annual loss of 2.8 percent in India's GDP due to extreme weather.
  • The standard of living of 60 crore people is declining.
  • According to the data of the Government of India
  • Farmers are losing 4.3% in the Kharif crop and 4.1% in the Rabi crop.

Note: CSE’s India 2022: An Assessment of Extreme Weather Events report has sourced its data from two key Indian government sources – the IMD and the Disaster Management Division (DMD) of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

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