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Environment Budget 2023: Funds reduced for Green India Mission, Key points

environment budget 2023 key points

Environment Budget 2023: Nirmala Sitharaman started her Budget 2023 speech with a pledge to make India a green economy, but no concrete provision was made for the environment in her budget. On the contrary, the budget for the Green India Mission has been cut. However, an additional Rs 49 crore will be allocated to the Environment Ministry this year.

In the Union Budget 2023, Rs 3079 crore has been allocated to the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. In the last budget, the central government had given Rs 3030 crore to the environment ministry.

Previous Budget allocations for Environment Ministry
Financial Year 2024Rs 3,079.40 crore
Financial Year 2023Rs 3,030 crore
Financial Year 2022Rs 2,870 crore
Financial Year 2021Rs 3,100 crore

This is the highest-ever budget allocated for the environment. This is a big step towards making India carbon neutral.

Funds cut For pollution control amid severe AQI in Delhi and Mumbai

A provision of Rs 948 crore has been made in this budget to fight pollution, 64% boost from last year. Last fiscal, the government allocated Rs 460 crore to control pollution.

Let us tell you that the condition of pollution in many cities in India is getting worse and worse. There was not a single day in the month of January in Delhi when the residents of the city breathed in good quality air. On the other hand, the condition of Mumbai which was always known for its clean air has also deteriorated.

The budget of the National Mission for Green India has been reduced to Rs 220 crore from Rs 361 crore last year.

Environment Budget 2023: Key points

Sitharaman said that building a green economy is one of the top seven priorities.

  • The environment will be taken care of in farming, construction, mobility, equipment, and policy-making to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Maximum green jobs will be created.
  • Scientific management will be focused on the disposal of wet and dry waste.
  • Green Credit Program will be launched, which will encourage companies, people, and local bodies to promote sustainable action and behavior.
  • Gobardham Scheme – 500 new Waste to Manure Centers will be set up, for which Rs 10,000 crore has been allocated.
  • 13 lakh MW of green energy will be produced in Ladakh, for which Rs 20,700 crore will be invested.
  • The target of 5 MMT Green Hydrogen production by 2030 under the Green Hydrogen Mission.
  • 19,700 crore rupees allocated for National Green Hydrogen Mission
  • Green tourism will be promoted through public-private partnerships.
  • Funds are to be allocated to scrap old vehicles of the central government, state government, and ambulances.
  • Amrit Dharohar program started for wetlands, ecotourism, and community conservation
  • A new framework for the Pumped Hydro Storage Project will be prepared.
  • Curbing coastal emissions to achieve net zero targets will be on the government’s agenda, through PPP projects government will attempt to reduce them.
  • India’s 75 Ramsar sites will make innovative efforts for biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, and income generation with the help of local communities.
  • 10 thousand crores allocated for 75 compressed biogas plants
  • Announcement to promote coastal shipping as an energy-efficient mode of transport.
  • One crore farmers will be facilitated to adopt natural farming methods

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