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SJVN subsidiary floats 376 MW solar module supply tender

SJVN Green Energy (SGEL) has invited bids for 376.60 MW of solar PV modules for the GUVNL (Phase-XIV) project, with submissions due by June 11, 2024. The two-stage bidding process includes techno-commercial bids followed by a price bid, concluding with a reverse auction.

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SJVN subsidiary floats 376 MW solar module supply tender

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SJVN Green Energy (SGEL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SJVN, has invited bids for the manufacture and supply of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules with a capacity of 376.60 MW for the GUVNL (Phase-XIV) solar power project. The last date for bid submission is June 11, 2024, and the bids will be opened on the same day.

The bidding process will involve two stages, with the first stage requiring the submission of techno-commercial bids, followed by a price bid in the second stage. A reverse auction will then determine the successful bidder.

To participate in the tender, bidders must meet specific eligibility criteria. They must have an annual average turnover of at least ₹4.8 million ($58,824) per MW for the total quoted capacity over the last three financial years. Additionally, their net worth must be positive for the preceding financial year and two of the three preceding financial years.

Bidders must also be listed in the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) published by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). They must have a proven track record, having supplied solar PV modules of 330 Wp or above, with a cumulative capacity of at least 30 MW in the last seven years. At least one such supply order should be of 10 MW or higher capacity.

The capacity allocated will be in multiples of 94.15 MW, with the maximum allocated to a single bidder being the full 376.60 MW capacity. Bidders must furnish an earnest money deposit (EMD) of ₹29.8 million ($3.65 million) for each 94.15 MW multiple. The EMD for the full capacity is ₹119 million ($14.60 million) for the 376.60 MW.

Earlier this year, SGEL invited bids for the manufacturing and supply of solar modules of a 1,960 MWdc capacity to be used in solar power projects in various states of India.

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