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Earth Day 2023: look how other countries are celebrating this day

The yearly celebration of "Earth Day" on April 22 helps to increase public awareness of the significance of climate change and ways to save the environment.

By pragyaanant
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how different countries celebrating earth day

The yearly celebration of "Earth Day" on April 22 helps to increase public awareness of the significance of climate change and ways to save the environment. The day also called International Mother Earth Day emphasizes efforts to preserve the environment and the planet. Overpopulation, soil erosion, deteriorating ecology, deforestation, and water pollution are just a few of the issues that coexist. Every year on 22nd April, an event called Earth Day support for environmental protection. 

Here are the top events scheduled for this special day around the world, according to Earthday.org official website.

 The Cape Coral Cleanup in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral has made significant progress after Hurricane Ian. Hence on Earth Day, they are concentrating on clearing the waste and debris that the storm left behind to create a better and healthier community. 

Heaven on Earth Cleanup at Dal Lake, India

This important tourist destination has been cleaned up thanks to Earth Day India. A final cleanup and special ceremony will be held for Earth Day 2023 to officially designate the area as an Earth Day Star Village in recognition of its residents' commitment to being good Earth stewards.

Earth Day Jubilee at Heal the Bay Aquarium at the Santa Monica, CA

Since 1985, the environmental group Heal the Bay has worked to make the Greater Los Angeles area's coastal waters and wetlands safe, healthy, and clean. 

Village for the Earth in the Green Heart of Rome

Every year, between the Pincio Terrace and the Villa Borghese Galoppatoio in Rome's green centre, Earth Day Italia celebrates a 5-day World Earth Day event. 

Earth Day: In Love and Rage at the City Hall Plaza in Boston, MA

The Extinction Rebellion is a global movement that calls for appropriate responses to the ecological and climate disaster we face.

The Big One on the streets of London, United Kingdom

The Extinction Rebellion has planned what is likely to be the most significant environmental movement of 2023 with the help of more than 70 organisations, including EARTHDAY.ORG.

 End the Era of Fossil Fuels at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC

By uniting on this Earth Day to stand for sustainable development and demand genuine change from policymakers, D.C. is saying NO to fossil fuels.

Earth Day Fiesta (Zimbabwe)

Earth Day Africa encourages ordinary people to stand up and join together to protect Africa by collaborating with staff and supporters in Sub-Saharan African nations.

Pledge to our Kieki dive across every Island in Hawaii

Kanu Hawaii is a group of committed citizens working together to preserve and promote what makes Hawaii unique. They plan protests around Hawaii on Earth Day to turn words into realities.


The year 2023's World Earth Day will have the theme "Invest In Our Planet." The exact phrase, "Invest in our planet," was the theme for World Earth Day in 2022. The 53rd Earth Day commemoration will take place this year.

The Origination of Earth Day

World Earth Day was observed during the UNESCO convention in San Francisco in 1969 on 22nd April 1970. Mr. John Mc Connell, a peace activist, suggested honouring Mother Earth and the idea of peace. It was suggested that World Earth Day be celebrated on 21st March 1970, the first spring day in the Northern Hemisphere. But later, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson suggested holding a national environmental awareness on 22nd April 1970, renaming it Earth Day.

The environment greatly influences the health of the planet. World Earth Day aims to recognise climate change and raise awareness everywhere. The day encourages people to get together and discuss environmental concerns like deforestation, air and water pollution, etc.

Worldwide celebrations during Earth Day

The focus of World Earth Day celebrations is raising awareness of environmental issues. The most widely observed nonreligious festival in history, celebrating eco-awareness, is observed in more than 190 nations worldwide. 

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