Delhi Kanjhawala case: What happened so far?

Just hours after the start of the year 2023 in the capital Delhi, a 20-year-old girl was killed in a traffic accident. According to the police, after the collision with the car, the girl’s body was stuck in the car and she continued to crawl for a few kilometres.

Delhi Kanjhawala case

According to the police, there are five accused in this case, Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, Mithun, Krishna and Manoj Mittal. All these houses are close to each other. All of them live in Mangolpuri or nearby areas.

The Delhi Police has said that ‘when we investigated, we found that she (the dead girl) was not alone on her scooter but there was another girl with her at that time. ‘

According to the Delhi Police, ‘the other girl was also injured but she left the place, but the legs of the dead girl were stuck in the car.’

According to India Today, the 20-year-old girl, who works at an event management company, was returning home on Sunday morning when her scooter was hit by a car.

Anjali was driving down a small road when the car, a premium hatchback, hit her and pinned her under it. The five people in the car, Deepak Khanna (26), Amit Khanna (25), Krishan (27), Mithun (26), and Manoj Mittal (27), were later arrested.

According to the Delhi Police, Deepak and Amit had lent the car to one of their friends around 7 p.m. on December 31, 2022, and parked at his house around 5 a.m. on January 1, 2023, the FIR states. Deepak and Amit revealed to their friend that they had hit a woman on their scooter and managed to flee the scene of the accident and drive to Khanjawala. They also revealed that they were drunk.

Friend Recounts Delhi Car Horror

The men who dragged a 20-year-old girl 13 kilometres under their car in Delhi on New Year’s morning “knew she was trapped,” the victim’s friend told reporters today. Nidhi, who accompanied Anjali Singh to a New Year’s party, was a passenger on the same scooter, police have found.

Nidhi, who apparently had a fight with Anjali, had fallen when the car allegedly hit the scooter and after seeing Anjali being dragged under the car, he went to her house in shock. “The Baleno hit us head-on. I fell to the side and she fell to the front,” Nidhi told reporters.

“My friend was trapped under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her. The girl was trapped under the car and was screaming. I felt so desperate that I went home,” she said to reporters tonight as her friend’s body was cremated.

“I went home and didn’t tell anyone. I was panicking. I cried a lot. They drove back and forth twice. Back and forth. Twice. She was on her back. She probably got stuck on something. So they went back and forth. Then they just walked off, dragging her under the car,” Nidhi added, recalling the traumatic event in vivid detail.

6 points

  1. Shock and hemorrhage from head, spinal, and lower limb trauma caused the death of a 20-year-old woman who was hit and dragged by a car.
  2. The preliminary autopsy report also indicates that “there are no injuries to suggest sexual assault,” police said.
  3. According to PTI sources, the doctors who performed the autopsy have given the opinion that there were no marks of injuries on the victim’s private parts.
  4. The autopsy was carried out under the supervision of a medical board at the premises of the Maulana Azad Medical College.
  5. The final report will be delivered after receiving the reports of chemical analyzes and biological samples.
  6. “Injuries to the head, spine, and long bones can cause death independently and collectively in the normal course of nature,” the doctors opined.


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