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Delhi woman gang-raped in Ghaziabad

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The Delhi Commission for Women has sent a notice to the Ghaziabad Police in connection with the alleged gangrape of a 38-year-old woman. Commission chief Swati Maliwal has said that this case is reminding her of the Nirbhaya rape case.

The commission said that the victim woman, a resident of Delhi, was found in a sack. His hands and feet were tied and there was an iron rod in his private part.

According to the commission, the woman was waiting for an auto-rickshaw in Ghaziabad. The matter is on October 16. The woman was to attend her brother’s birthday. At the same time, four men kidnapped the woman and took her to their SUV.

Together with these four, another person allegedly gang-raped and tortured the woman for two days.

According to the commission, the woman is undergoing treatment at a Delhi hospital but her condition is ‘extremely critical’.

On behalf of the Women’s Commission, a notice has been issued to the SSP of Ghaziabad and information has been sought about the action taken in this case and the copy of the FIR as well as the arrest.

DCW boss Swati Maliwal said: “The incident is very horrific and disturbing. It reminds me of the Nirbhaya case. All the accused must be arrested immediately and strict measures must be taken against them. I don’t understand how long women and children are subjected to such extreme brutality.”

The woman, a Delhi resident, was found “wrapped in a gunny bag, with her hands and legs bound and an iron bar inserted into her private part,” the DCW said.

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