Delhi continue to face severe cold wave conditions

The cold spell and dense fog continued to hit Delhi on Wednesday with a low temperature of 7.8 degrees Celsius in the morning.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), cold-day conditions are likely to ease in northwestern India from Wednesday and then resurface from December 31.

“Dense to very dense fog will continue to prevail in the belt. There will be an improvement on December 29 due to a western disturbance that will bring fresh snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, Leh and Himachal Pradesh. There will be drizzle in northern Punjab on December 29,” said IMD scientist RK Jenamani.

It is expected that between December 31 and January 1, 2023 between December 31 and January 1, 2023, it added.

Western disturbance

So far, the lowest temperature recorded in Delhi this winter was 4.0 degrees Celsius.

The IMD has predicted that the minimum temperature in the national capital will remain around 7 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

The Safdarjung observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 15.6 degrees Celsius on Monday, six points below normal and the lowest December daytime temperature since December 17, 2020.

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On Tuesday, Safdarjung recorded a maximum temperature of 17.2 degrees Celsius, three points below normal. It is likely to settle around 19 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and 20 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

An IMD official said the duration, intensity and area covered by the haze were significantly reduced on Wednesday morning across northern India, including Delhi-NCR.

“All airports in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh only have shallow fog. Chandigarh also reported shallow fog. However, Pathankot, Jammu and Amritsar all have dense fog today,” the official said.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), very dense fog is when the visibility is between 0 and 50 meters, 51 and 200 meters is dense, 201 and 500 moderate and 501 and 1000 shallow.


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