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Ajmer: Why did Dalit youth Om Prakash Regar commit suicide?

who was dalit youth om prakash regar of ajmer

Read in Hindi: Cases of atrocities against Dalits are increasing continuously in Rajasthan. In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the atrocities against the people of the Dalit community in the state. Another case of atrocities has come to light in Nosal village of Ajmer. It is alleged that some people harassed a Dalit youth Om Prakash Regar so much that he committed suicide after getting fed up. The family members alleged that the police also did not listen to them.

Who was Om Prakash Regar?

Om Prakash Regar, a youth of Ajmer’s Nosal village, committed suicide due to exploitation by the upper caste people of his village. Reger wrote a long suicide note before he died. In a suicide note, Om Prakash Regar narrated his complete story.

He wrote how he and his family is being harassed by upper caste people and the administration is also not helping them.

om Prakash regar dalit youth suicide in ajmer rajasthan
Om Prakash Regar

According to the suicide note written by the deceased Om Prakash Regar, Regar’s father was working on his farm. Only then Kisanram Gurjar came there with his nephews and left the sheep and goats in the field. The animals started destroying the crop. When the father tried to stop the animals, Kisanram Gurjar along with his nephews beat Regar’s father with sticks. According to the note, this incident took place around Diwali.

The family was humiliated and abused

According to the note written by the deceased Om Prakash Regar, when the family members came to know about this incident, everyone reached the farm. But Kisanram Gurjar and his nephews humiliated other members of the family too by making casteist abuses.

When the victim’s family complained about this at the police station, no action was taken at that time. Later police registered an FIR when the family said that they will go to court.

On the contrary, a false case was registered against the victim Om Prakash, his younger brother Rahul and his uncle Yugal Kishore.

The deceased has written in his suicide note that Ranjit Singh Rathore, who was the sarpanch of the village, is also involved in the whole case.

Bhim Army is active in this matter

The deceased Regar, in his suicide note, has appealed to Chandra Shekhar Azad, the chief of the Dalit organization Bhim Army, to free Dalits from the atrocities of the upper caste. On this Chandra Shekhar tweeted and said,

“Little brother, your last letter filled me with anger as much it made me emotional. Instead of giving up, you should have fought. Your brother is still alive and will definitely come to Ajmer to get justice for you.”

In his second tweet, Azad wrote, “Shameful incident happened in village Nosal of Ajmer district, in which brother Om Prakash Regar committed suicide yesterday after being tortured by feudal elements and police administration, we demand a fair investigation by CBI in this case because very influential people are involved in this.”

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