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Why Dalit leaders throwing Hindu gods in river in Karnataka?

Why Dalit leaders throwing Hindu gods in river in Karnataka?

A group of Dalits who chose to convert to Buddhism dumped photos and idols of Hindu gods into the Krishna River in Karnataka’s Yadgir district.

In the viral video, three Dalit leaders can be seen throwing idols and images of Hindu idols into the Krishna River in Karnataka. The three leaders take idols and images of Hindu deities out of a box and then throw them into the river. The three leaders can also be seen posing for the camera as they carry out this task. The three Dalit leaders, after throwing everything into the river, also threw the cardboard box.

The Hunasagi near the town of Surapura in the Yadgir district is where the Buddha Dharma Deeksha or conversion to the Buddhist religion will be organized on October 14. This is the day that marks B.R Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism after renouncing Hinduism, it is called the “Dhammachakra Pravartan Dina”.

A group of people led by Golden Cave Buddha Vihara Trust Chairman Venkatesh Hosamani and his aides dumped the images into the river on Monday. The images were kept and worshipped in his house. They had also taken a video of the act, which went viral on social networks and sparked controversy.

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Nagaraja Kalladevarahalli, one of the group that took the photos, said Venkatesh was asked to remove them because he was the chairman of the Golden Cave Buddha Vihara Trust. After this, Venkatesh decided to remove the images of Lakshmi, Venkateshwara, Saraswati and other Hindu gods.

Venkatesh will convert to Buddhism on October 14 along with many others. “That’s why we are trying to forget the Hindu religion and embrace Buddhism,” he said.

Hindu activists have criticized the act of throwing gods of the Hindu religion into the river. The police have not yet reacted to the incident.

The video has been making the rounds on the internet as many suggested alternatives to repudiate Hinduism.

A user, although he agreed with his freedom to follow any religion, added that this act generates pollution in the river.

Another user added “Dalits are converting to Buddhism in big numbers – not only in North India, also in Karnataka. Dalit leaders throwing Hindu ‘gods and goddesses’ to Krishna rivers.”


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